It would be really hard to make something like this up.  You really would have to think of the impossible.

A new website www.vivavalenti.com has appeared on the Internet.  The site extols the need to have our county hospital administrator stay on after his current contract expires next year.  Here is what part of the home page looks like:


The URL was issued October 9, 2015.

It probably will not come as a surprise to some of us that the site is registered to an out of town firm, Wilson Binkley Advertising & Marketing.  They are based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

One of the quirks of our form of government is that the residents of Las Cruces benefit from our county and children’s hospital without bearing the tax burden.

The site offers an online petition where you can register your support for the idea of issuing a new contract to our county hospital administrator.

In the nine days the site has been registered (as of October 18, 2015) they indicate that 19 petitions have been signed.

Personally, I would be embarrassed.

We deserve better




4 Responses to Overwhelming

  1. taxpayer 13 says:

    Hard to believe that anyone would support Valenti.


  2. Rodney Fender says:

    Valenti should have been fired by the county commissioners long ago. Some of our county commissioners/judge need to be recalled for the Children’s fiasco (having it built and the mess with UMC). We get what we have voted to put in office.


  3. anonymous says:

    The recent joint announcement from UMC and Valenti was carefully worded to say that he will not “seek” renewal of his contract. It never said he was resigning, nor did the UMC board or county court say that his resignation had been accepted. Once the EPCH agreement is finalized, the Escobar and the CC will beg him to stay and offer to extend his contract.


  4. Wow. This is wrong in, oh, so many ways. I would be curious to find out who hired that firm, or, if they did not do this for someone else, shouldn’t someone be interested in finding out their motive?


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