Fox in the hen house? or blank check?

This came in as an email from a regular reader:


This is disgusting … Fox in the hen house … Nothing like getting paid to say give us your money. How is this not a conflict of interest? City mgr also has prior relationship with them.


We deserve better


4 Responses to Fox in the hen house? or blank check?

  1. taxpayer 13 says:

    We did have a Public Works Department. They were in charge of storm water management. Then we had the 2006 flood and we discovered that they were not good at what they did. The voters turned over storm water management to El Paso Water Utilities and Public Works was disbanded. While it is true that the former Public Works was inept, it was a ploy by the city to get rid of an expense. Now we pay for storm water management on our water bills. If the city can get rid of engineering and planning — turn them over to an outside firm — the city will look for a way to bill us separately for those services. Maybe they can add a fee to our garbage bill to cover the cost of the consulting firm — call it trash removal.


  2. Easy Mark says:

    In former days “hobos” would place an “x” on the fence of the property that would provide food. The “x” was to let other hobos know stop here for food.

    I am beginning to think that an outside firm was fed here and left an “x” at the entrance to El Paso. So now we have become a spot for other firms to come here to wet their beak.


  3. DISCUSTED says:

    El Paso county and city government are totally corrupt! We the taxpayers pay to support UMC and Children’s but now Children’s owes UMC hundreds of millions – where is the money going? THey hire outside on consultants to study and run darn near everything – who in the county/city government works? Who pays for the trips to “visit” these Florida/out of state contractors? Now you know why those in local government do so well and want to keep their “jobs”/


  4. Once upon a time I do believe that we did have a Public Works Department. I still believe that hiring outside firms is a no win situation. They cost too much to tell us things they cannot possibly know, since they are just that – outside! And, I find it just a bit offputting to see the recently hired (from outside) City Manager talking about “our” history, and things that “we” have done.


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