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This came in the other day from ManintheMoon:


County Attorney Jo Ann Bernal lied about investigating Horizon Communities Improvement Association. Why?
County Attorney Jo Ann Bernal told the El Paso Time reporter Alex Hinojose in a article on  2/28/2011@ 12:00:00 AM MST
“Last year, El Paso County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal assigned an attorney to investigate the nonprofit organization.
“We received a call from city Rep. Rachel Quintana’s office who said they had received complaints from several lot owners who wanted to figure out some kind of relief from paying the association fees,” Bernal said. “Unfortunately we could not determine if there was a crime.”
HCIA is the Horizon Communities Improvement Association   which has collected assessment fees for years on many properties in the Horizon City area and for my area has only handed out a few trees many years ago. HCIA has sued at least 20 lot owners in my subdivision for their fees that they take and demand payment but do little to help my community.
Come to find out through an open records request El Paso County Attorney Bernal office did not do an investigation as she claimed to the El Paso Times of HCIA and one is forced to wonder how she determined that no crime has taken place if her office never did an investigation of HCIA or if HCIA was acting forthright in the operation of this non-profit.
E-mail through ORR:
“From: Joanne Bernal
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 4:31 PM
To: Jorge L. Reyes
Cc: Manuel Romero
Subject: Re: Horizon Community Improvement Association

Manny handled the issue which was not really an investigation.  He will call you to brief you.  JAB

Sent from my iPad”
In my ORR never found out what Commissioner Perez office was briefed on about the HCIA by the County Attorney’s Office.
With so many people not being able to sale there land out here before the water and utilities came in and HCIA trying to sue people and just the fraud in the selling of land in the Horizon City area over the years one would think Bernal would have looked at this closer. In addition the questionable seeding program (program for lot owner to seed their lots back to HCIA so HCIA could sell groups of lots to developers) HCIA was running one would think that our County Attorney would want to make sure everyone was acting above board. Who interest was serviced when Bernal’s office looked the other way?
Remember many lot owners out here were  told for years their land had little value because of no water. Who knew that the water and utilities were coming and benefited in making some believe their land was nearly worthless?

5 Responses to Help on the horizon

  1. Reality Checker says:

    In the Times article Man In The Moon referenced, Bernal’s direct quotes do not say that she or her office “investigated” this. “Investigate” was the word used by the Times, which does not mean that was her exact word. She might have just said they checked into it.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Reality Checker
      Bernal told the Times she assigned a attorney to investigate HCIA when by her own word she did not. No only was this told to the Times but other media in El Paso. Maybe you need to get a reality check yourself. Sadly your an example of why El Paso government city and county are in the mess they are because some of you will give a free pass to these people’s failures even when they are hauled away in handcuffs. Then again I personally believe the majority of you like the low level corruption and the out right deception by your elected officials and will always try to blame the messenger in some way and not the elected official that failed you. Your like abused children that will never acknowledge your abusers. Have no fear Bernal will be reelected right along with your El Paso DA which have failed to find corruption in government right under their own noses. Yep that is and has been working real great for El Paso. Banging my head on the computer! Geeez!


  2. Nose picker says:

    John, I’m sorry but every blog it’s the same thing. You don’t understand or you nitpick at grammar.

    You really don’t write as good as you think.

    Moon Man, I got the point and understood every bit of it.


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    John, number one let me clear something up I’m not a journalist. Number two the point is clear Bernal lied out her rear end to the Times. Not my words but her own. Three this non-profit has took their forced fee for year and did little. Oh that’s right they did take over the golf course in Horizon City the most any one really can remember them doing in years. No I do not have to pay them a fee but do have neighbors who do. Also the land in my community that was given to them as open space for parks or schools they have sold a part off to private interest and have tried to sale the other part also.
    The words I should have used is “deeded back” since this is what some did just before water started coming into the area. Some deeded back their property to this non- profit organization thinking it would always be worthless but just a couple years later these areas had water and utilities. Oh John these properties went from being nearly worthless to several thousand dollars a lot when sold by private developers who got the land from HCIA.
    No John I am not the best writer out there but seems strange Bernal never look did an investigation having claimed otherwise. Also I am not the only one who has had big questions about this non-profit just in September 2014 they had a suit brought against them for Racketeer/Corrupt Organization. Cause of Action:
    18:1961 Racketeering (RICO) Act which you can find here
    The issue comes down to Bernal should have look long and hard at HCIA and did not.
    Oh John in gaining the ORR and pointing out what Bernal did I’m persona non-grata in Commissioner Perez office now. Don’t you just hate when that happens! ;0) Vince we will remember when it comes election time.


  4. I am having difficulty understanding what this person is saying, but it appears that folks who bought lots in Horizon City over the years, also had to be members of something very much like a HOA, and I would imagine they signed contracts to that effect. So, I’d have to ask why hasn’t this complainant sought legal advice? I guess I’m confused because of the use of the word, ‘seed,’ where I think he meant to say cede, and because of reference to a few trees being handed out. Has this person even read the fine print in his/her original contract of purchase, or their property deed?


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