I’d rather be lost

Our temporary county judge has been in the news lately claiming that she saved the children’s hospital.

She did, did she?

It seems to me that the county taxpayers did the saving,  or at least are going to pay for it.

This person sold the voters on the need for a bond to pay for the hospital, watched as the county hospital profiteered on the deal by charging rent for something the voters voted to give to the children’s hospital, sat by as the financial situation turned tragic, and now claims that she has saved us.


Depending upon with version of which story from the county hospital or the county judge that you want to believe the children’s hospital owes us either  $50 million or $100 million.

As another person with my same name said many years ago “Forget not, Zeus, the author of these ills”.

We deserve better


7 Responses to I’d rather be lost

  1. Reality Checker says:

    While University Medical Center has difficulty maintaining its accreditation, the El Paso Children’s Hospital has been accepted into an elite network of children’s oncology hospitals after meeting rigorous quality assurance standards established by the National Cancer Institute. Maybe EPCH should be in charge of UMC instead of the other way around.



  2. taxpayer 13 says:

    You just have to wonder if the Judge actually believes her own BS,


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    The tax payers are now on the hook for CH into perpetuity. Remember Vero was one of the one’s who claimed after we footed the bill to build CH it would not cost El Paso any more. Then she claimed the same thing what about a week or so ago that CH would not cost us again. So may question is why should we believe Vero now when the tax payer are on the hook once again? Also once again we have put up tax dollars for a private business. Vero and members of the CCC still did not even try to make it where the tax payers can request to see CH’s records. Sorry for Vero she was stupid. I would have said she was just being ignorant which ignorance is a choice. Stupid means one cannot help themselves and Vero has shown she couldn’t help herself when it came to CH. Oh that’s right all should be forgiven it’s for the Children.


  4. Life Guard says:

    She threw them an anvil instead of a life saver.


  5. Disgusted says:

    Off subject, in this week’s city council meeting a rep asked the city manager for an update on the capital improvements projects. He basically told her that he has been preparing quarterly reports and to look on the city website, where those reports are posted.

    The last quarterly report posted on the city website is from Spring. The San Jacinto project cam hasn’t worked for months, as Brutus has pointed out in the past.

    What an @$$&#!*. And they gave this guy a $60,000 raise?


  6. Dax B says:

    My question to you, Brutus, is why does the county get a pass for all the stupid s**t it does? The city does dumb stuff too but rarely does the media question it. Is there really a need for county government? Yes, I know state law mandates it but what purpose do they serve. Oh aside from Vince Perez pulling Claudia Ordaz’s string.


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