Damned with faint praise

As of Sunday, November 1, 2015 the signature count at www.vivavalenti.com was all the way up to 59.

For those of you who are not familiar with the site, it is an effort to get our county hospital administrator another contract.

One has to wonder if the first few entries of the 59 weren’t “test1”, “test2” and “test3”.

You might also think that he would have more than 59 supporters in his base of employees.

Maybe their silence tells us something.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Damned with faint praise

  1. We’re hearing rumors that people were going around to all of the UMC departments multiple times on Friday and encouraging employees to sign the petition from home. If that is true, then it makes the 65 signatures even sadder because his own employees either didn’t like him or didn’t care enough to sign his petition to keep him around.


  2. Jerry K says:

    He needs to leave so the county can move on, whatever that might mean to UMC and EPCH.


  3. With all of the money that was spent on radio commercials and newspaper ads, this is a VERY pathetic showing.


  4. Fed Up says:

    And when he goes we should send Veronica with him!


  5. Reality Checker says:

    A good chunk of those signatures are probably the dozen or so people who work at the Las Cruces ad agency that built the website.

    Included in the hype is a statement that Valenti’s clinic model is being copied by “COUNTRIES” around the world.

    They also talk about his record cash collections, but say nothing about the uncollected EPCH debt, which taxpayers are now stuck with.


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