City blackout

We are now in November of 2015 and the last interim financial report from the city is for the period ending April of 2015.

Even the old bunch used to publish the interim reports each month.

So much for transparency.

We deserve better


5 Responses to City blackout

  1. Reality Checker says:

    The capital improvements project quarterly update report was also last published in the Spring. Gonzalez told city council last week that if they wanted a status report, to check the website. They accepted that answer. His response was pure misdirection to avoid public accountability. The San Jacinto live cam page is now totally blank.


    • Brutus says:

      Strange. I can get to it and see cars moving.



      • Helen Marshall says:

        I can see it – but it’s just a slice on the right side of the webpage. Hard to figure out what you are actually seeing.


      • Reality Checker says:

        Maybe my web browser doesn’t work with their video. If you can see it, you can see that they are still a long way from completion.

        Did you find a capital improvements quarterly report for Summer or Fall?


  2. I think the problem is that, with a City Manager, and numerous department heads, and a bickering Council, no one is left downtown who knows what to do, and those few who might know what to do are likely afraid to do much of anything that might attract attention to them because the guilty ones are looking for any scapegoat to distract the attention away from their own terrible performances.


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