Don’t hold your breath

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 should have some interesting things happening.

The agenda for our county hospital’s board meeting has these items on it:

10. Receive a presentation from Dr. Annabi and other members of the Mcdical Staff regarding leadership at UMC.

11. Discuss and take appropriate action with respect to appointment of a Transition Committee to oversee the process to identify a successor to Jantes N. Valenti, President and Chief Executive Officer.

12. Discuss and take appropriate action with respect to appointment of a Nominating Committec to oversee the recruitment  and selection of individuals to serve on the Board of Directors for the Bl I’aso Children’s Hospital. has not produced a landslide of support for our hospital administrator.  I wonder if anyone actually thought it could.

Item 12 is interesting at several levels.  Nominating is the process of proposing someone for a position.  Since the committee will evidently “oversee the recruitment and selection of individuals” it is actually a selection committee.  They are trying to hide the nature of the committee by giving it a misleading name.

The executive session agenda has the main event of the board meeting:

17. Discuss and deliberate regarding the Annual Evaluation of  Mr. Jamcs N. Valenti, President and CEO, pursuant to Texas Government Code $55 1.074.

With all of the opprobrium relating to the hospital this year, my personal belief is that he should not get another dime.

I don’t have much hope that the right thing will happen.

We deserve better



4 Responses to Don’t hold your breath

  1. We understand that Dr. Annabi claimed to have a letter signed by 100 doctors stating that they wanted to Jim Valenti to stay. Has anyone seen it? As far as we can tell, it hasn’t been published anywhere or given to any media outlets. We wonder what the letter said and who actually signed it.


  2. […] of  Mr. Jamcs N. Valenti, President and CEO, pursuant to Texas Government Code $55 1.074. (  Thanks to documents released to Martin Paredes  through an open records request, we were able […]


  3. James says:

    Good points about The county agenda. It’s funny how Valenti wasn’t on xtra with Maria G. Instead we have Escobar speaking for him about UMC…I suppose he already is planning for his retirement of nearly 2 mill. From the discussion on xtra, V Escobar apparently helped plan the board or committee to have 4 people from UMC. Conflict of interest is all part of playing the game at the county.


  4. Reality Checker says:

    Speaking of contracts, why are Escobar and the county clowns considering contracts for executives who have already been hired?


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