Rapid descent

Passenger traffic at our airport is down 1.9% from last year according to the airport’s monthly activity report.

At the same time we are spending $46 million to build a new rental car facility.

They took away half of our short term parking to make space for the building, making it less convenient for us to use the airport.

Our city’s former chief financial officer (you remember her, the one whose projections were almost always wrong, maybe deliberately) told us that we would pay for the facility because car rentals would increase 1% a year.

Take a look at this report from the airport’s web site:


We deserve better


17 Responses to Rapid descent

  1. Observer says:

    Enplanements are the number of people flying out. Deplanements are the number of people arriving. If you want to see how much inbound traffic has declined since 2008, click below. This decline is important because there is probably a corresponding decline in hotel occupancy and the hotel tax was supposed to pay for the ballpark. Add the exodus of residents to the decline in out-of-town visitors and it gets interesting..



  2. brownfield says:


    article about the ABQ airport.

    Keep in mind that the ELP airport makes money primarily due to property that they own and lease out. Including almost everything along Montana Ave. At least that was what I was told when I worked there. Also note that mainline service has decreased dramatically…AA used to fly only mainline to DFW, now you see a mix of mainline and regional jets. ELP used to have two airlines serving ORD and now its just one. ELP has lost service to San Diego, ABQ, Midland, Lubbock, and SLC during my time there. They can spin it however they want, but if ELP was thriving you would see more service, not less. Seems to me the so called progressives have been given a ton of public money to stimulate the economy with no tangible results to show. Airline service will closely align with the relative economic strength or weakness of the catchment area the airport serves.

    Meanwhile at my new airport IAH…we will become the only airport in North America and the 5th in the world to offer non stop passenger service to all the inhabited continents on Earth. That will happen in mid December when Air New Zealand offers Non Stop service from Houston Intercontinental to Auckland New Zealand.


  3. Fed UP says:

    Maybe we should All JUST STOP PAYING TAXES!! They can’t take your homestead house from you. The city and county spending is just out of hand


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    Albuequerque has seen a drop of 4%. Perhaps not a local problem.


  5. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    Another factor in ELP”s favor is that it is not landlocked like so many other peer airports (think San Diego and San Jose). The EPISD administration building will free up prime airport land for compatible development. Add to that a shopping center on Global and freight facilities adjacent to Ft Bliss and the big picture is really quite good.

    That is, if you believe that the region has a future.


  6. enough already says:

    The county has decided to close the county clerk satellite office at the new east side annex AFTER BEING OPEN ONLY SIX MONTHS.

    In its place will be a satellite office to COLLECT TAXES.

    Focus is on collecting taxes, not delivering services.


  7. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    Ms. Lombrano, the airport director, spoke yesterday at our RGEA luncheon, where she presented these figures. ELP is doing about as well and better than many of its peer airports as air traffic declines and airlines consolidate flights.

    As for the rental facility, it will free up land for development when complete and, connected to the terminal, will delight customers who do not have to haul their luggage onto a bus for an off site rental facility. Ditto on the return. I mean, go to Vegas or Sky Harbor or San Diego to appreciate this!

    You need to think long term and context instead of just saying if El Paso is doing it, it must be another San Jacinto. Some things are working here and ELP is one of them. BTW, the airport is self funded and does not rely on the general fund.


  8. Frequent flyer says:

    That chart shows more than an airport in decline. It also shows how badly our economic development efforts are doing. Interesting it cuts off at 2014. Guess they are waiting until after the holiday spike to show 2015 traffic. I agree, the rental car facility is a waste of space and one more way they are making an airport that used to be easy to get in and out of less convenient.


  9. Once again, it is time for an “I Told You So!” Over and over and over and over. This sort of thing keeps happening in El Paso. Meanwhile, our streets continue to deteriorate, and nothing is being done about it.


    • occasional flyer says:

      There is no relationship between street repair and airport development. Money from airport funds cannot be used to fix our streets. It is not “taxpayer” money. It is airport revenue that must be used on the airport.Please, quite mixing up the two.


      • frequent flyer says:

        You are correct that there is no relationship between street repair and airport funds. But both involve a lot of taxpayer money. Look at the taxes that are part of every airline ticket, plus recognize the federal tax dollars are part of what funds construction. We need to stop believing that these entities magically fund themselves without our money. If you fly, you help pay for it through both ticket taxes and the actual airfare itself which factors inn a percentage of the costs associated with flying in and out of the airports you use. If you pay federal taxes you help pay for it.


        • Jerry K says:

          ELP’s ticket fees and landing fees are competitive with other airports. It makes sense for users of the airport – passengers and planes – to pay for its use versus the general tax base.


      • Reality Checker says:

        Your response and the way local government operates reminds me of the old saying: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours.”


  10. Deputy Dawg says:

    You say decrease, she said increase. Tomato tomahto…Obvioulsy it was a misplaced negative sign…should have added when she subtracted…heck, anyone making that kind of money could have made that mistake.


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