Great wall of El Paso

I am hoping to hear from some readers that have visited our digital wall downtown.

We have one of only two digital walls in the world and it only cost us $3 million.  If my recollection is correct we sent some of our city staff to Copenhagen to see the other one.

Has anyone seen it?

Has anyone had visitors fly in from out of town to visit this wonder of the world?

We deserve better


5 Responses to Great wall of El Paso

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw Miss El Paso in her red dress on that thing. Her last name is Urbina but changed to Sinclair to win….why?


  2. Max Higgs says:

    It is one of the hottest draws between Lee Treviño and Executive Center Blvd. It will be super fantastic until a micro filter has to be imported from Latvia and we find out the company which manufactured it has gone out of business. I am still wondering what planner or architect wanted a cable which has to be imported from Germany to be a crucial part of the park on the plaza. Can we start affixing responsibility and decide that folks don’t get to repeatedly guess wrong the way our former CFO apparently did.


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