Decline into lawlessness

DavidK over at Refuse the Juice wrote Let’s look at it this way the other day.

He pointed out that rules and protocol were broken when the city manager and a city representative circumvented city council and arranged to have speed humps installed in front of a local high school.

He wrote:

The safety of children was put before the process and rules for obtaining a traffic-calming device for a street.

His point here was that the children were in danger because of heavy traffic traveling too fast and that getting the problem solved even without going through the process was the right thing to do.

I have to disagree and ask the age old question “does the end justify the means”?

We have a dysfunctional city government.  Bypassing the established rules instead of fixing the dysfunction will only make the problem worse in the long run.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Decline into lawlessness

  1. Tired of Gonzalez and Romero says:

    Other municipalities are removing speed bumps. Gonzalez should know that. They are hard on cars (ask any repair shop) and in the case of neighborhood speed bumps, they reduce property values. They are not environmentally sound as they increase acceleration and thus carbon pollution. There should be a community uprising against the over use of speed bumps in El Paso. Gonzalez and DK are behind the times.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    The “children” in this school are teenagers, many of whom have driver’s licenses. If they cannot understand that it is not safe to run into traffice, one has to wonder how they will deal with actual small children near an elementary school…should the city provide all the streets around UTEP with traffic bumps? Those students are not much older than the Cathedral High students…and how is it ok to have flashing light signals telling drivers to slow down near many schools, without a speed b/hump in sight? Saving Cathedral High the expense of said flasher signals by installing speed bumps at the expense of the city appears to be the real name of this game.


    • anonymous says:

      Those same “children” knowingly walk out in front of traffic and walk against red lights and cross in wrong places just because they feel entitled to do so. Let their parents volunteer to be crossing guards or have adults hold their hands and walk them across the street.


  3. This is the same argument that vigilantes use when justifying their actions – the law wouldn’t take care of the problem so they did. Just because it was for speed bumps doesn’t make it any better or different.


  4. Let's All Go to the Concession Stand says:

    David K ignores the fact that Cathedral isn’t even in Romero’s district, which begs the question of why Larry was handling this for Cathedral and why Cathedral didn’t make the request through their own rep. It looks like Romero was pulling strings for his alma mater. Big man on campus.

    David also conveniently forgets that if even a small percentage of us were able to get our own school, business, or neighborhood problems solved by circumventing the system, the city would have bigger budgetary problems than it already has. We have enough of that as it is.

    If traffic around Cathedral was a real problem, they should have fixed the problem in the correct way, both procedurally and technically. They could have discussed the problem at any weekly council meeting, but they chose instead to do a back room deal. As a Times reader pointed out, the bumps they installed cannot be seen at night, which creates other risks for drivers and their vehicles.

    David K can criticize the Times all he wants, but they are right to focus on this cozy relationship between Romero and Gonzalez. Romero reminds me of someone who thinks he is Vito Corleone in the Godfather. I imagine it this way:

    “Someday, I will call upon you to do a service for me. On second thought, considering the size of the raise I am getting for you, I will come to you on several days.”

    Or maybe it was just a wink and a nod.


  5. Fed Up says:

    This city and county is dysfunctional. We spend money on parks that nobody really uses; we spend millions supporting a county hospital that should not be needed now that we have Obama Care; we spend millions on outside consultants to do the work of local government employees; we give big raises and bonuses to the city manager and CEO of UMC while the poor need more help. Time to move and add to the brain drain here so the brainless can continue to run things.


  6. I like both of these comments, and I agree with Brutus that the failure to follow the process in this case is just more evidence of the dysfunction of our City government. I would also offer another thought for consideration: Maybe, just maybe, if we had decent streets, regularly patrolled by adequate policemen/women, in good cars, we could see better enforcement of traffic laws citywide. Once upon a time, we always had two cops per cop car, and we always say them out in traffic, enforcing the traffic laws. Today, since our money goes elsewhere, our police force is seriously understaffed, and we no longer have any real enforcement of traffic laws. So, we have this hateful proliferation of speed bumps.


  7. Deputy Dawg says:

    Apparently the students have not been at risk for the 70 other years Cathedral has been in existence. This year must be special. And since Cathedral is supposed to be the cities brightest, you would think that they would have sense enough to look both ways and to use the crosswalks.


  8. homeowner777 says:

    Soooooooooooo, I guess we need Speed Bumps on EVERY STREET, to keep people from speeding?
    Speed Bumps will be new “Law Enforcer” in town?
    or, just let the Pot Holes slow the people down?

    (Speed Bumps cause loss of fuel, low gas mileage, and therefore more air pollution.)

    If daily speeding is/ was a Great Big Emergency Concern. . .
    It should have been “rushed” thru the process, but still, THRU the correct process, . . . . OR . . . . . a cop stationed in front of the school until it CAN go thru the proper process.
    Or, one of those signs that check your speed . . . .LIGHT UP and say: YOUR SPEED is ____ mph.

    Until the proper process is followed.

    The Speed Bumps are a hazard and slow down fire trucks and emergency vehicles.


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