Whom do you believe?

With the revelation that our former city manager seems to have lied to us and to KVIA about the $22 million cost overrun we are having to pay for because city council delayed selling the bonds until after their election, we thought that we should look at some of her other statements.

In an October 24, 2015 article the Times quoted her as saying:

“When someone talks about that we’ve created more jobs in the last two years than in the last eight years, we have to factor in that we went through a very difficult economic downturn in 2008 and 2009 where we lost a lot of jobs just like everyone else did around the country. So we actually recovered those jobs. … We have recovered a lot of the jobs that we lost during that period, plus we are adding new jobs,” Wilson said.

Then again

We also have this graphic from the Texas Workforce Commission:


Will they really reappoint her to the central appraisal district board tomorrow?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Whom do you believe?

  1. Jerry K says:

    But probably not illegal. Unethical, under the table, cronyism but not illegal UNLESS the decision was made in executive session and implemented without formal resolution by CC. Not that the city attorney objected or cared.

    Even then what can you do now except to scapegoat Romero to draw attention from the real culprits.


    • Just a Thot says:

      Yep Jerry. My thoughts exactly. The only way it would be illegal is if Paul or Woody had actually bought the bonds which I doubt. And even if they had you would need Wilson to rat and have one of their stockbrokers say they were told to buy them personally. What was the quote in the Godfather 2 ? “Buffers, yes the family had lots of buffers.”


  2. Just a Thot says:

    IMHO it probably went down like this. The Mountain Star group told Wilson to delay the bond purchase to help Ortega. According to someone who posted(blog?) campaign finance reports that showed Hunt and Foster donating 50k after the deadline so it wouldn’t show on the reports before the election. Lets see: delay bond purchase, delay donation, hoping Steve wins so he can give out some more corp welfare or basically just payback. You could also say they asked everyone they had donated to in the past(council) campaigns to help delay it also. That would be Lilly,Noe, Byrd, Niland(not sure) ? Sounds plausible doesn’t it ? Wilson has also been taken care of since she couldn’t find a job elsewhere, right ? Who pulled the strings to get her this current job ? Bueller,… anyone, Bueller ……, Bueller….., Foster,…..anyone,……Woody…….anyone… ?

    P.S. someone said Paul and Woody didn’t need our money on another blog. I’m sure they don’t, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t “want” it as payback for donations.


  3. Fed Up says:

    Like bad pennies those in city and county government that love to spend, give away, and hire expensive friends with OUR tax money never go away!!


  4. Wilson linguistics says:

    Wilson has developed two new languages, BS and Double Talk. No need to bother with English or Spanish.


  5. epkamikazi says:

    It’s good that we’ll be bringing alow paying cheap clothing industry here to cloth our citizens as they hawk hot dogs 4 or 5 the stadium is open, anyway!

    BTW, notice how employment goes down in the summee?


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