Our former city manager was recently reappointed to the central appraisal district board.

Recently KVIA has shown her to be not only a liar but disrespectful of us mere citizens.

On November 19, 2015 KVIA wrote:

Joyce Wilson on Wednesday said she and the former city council did not purposely delay the issuance of the ballpark debt until after the Summer 2013 Mayoral election between then City Rep. Steve Ortega and Oscar Leeser, a claim made this week by the City Attorney, Leeser and several city representatives.

Then on November 23, 2015 KVIA aired a video that featured an email from her confirming that the former city council directed her behind closed doors to delay the sale of the bonds.  From the video:

An email from former City Manager Joyce Wilson confirms former City Representatives directed her behind closed doors to delay the sale of the ballpark bonds until after the mayoral election of a stadium supporter in order to avoid more bad publicity, a decision that cost the city $22 million.

Moving temporarily beyond the colossally stupidity of telling such a lie we also see that she thinks that we are pitiful.  This came from the KVIA article:

“Frankly it is pitiful some individuals are still trying to discredit people who are no longer with the City instead of focusing on the business at hand like executing new projects and moving the city forward,” Wilson wrote in an email Wednesday.


This person is still a public employee getting paid with our money.  Evidently instead of seeing herself as a public servant she seems to think that she is above us–our judge.

What is pitiful is that city council reappointed her to a board that directly affects what taxes we pay instead of appointing someone else.


We deserve better



8 Responses to Pitiful

  1. U says:

    What is even more disturbing is not a single LEO or our District Atty have stepped up to do their job of cleaning out the corruption that exists at City Hall. Even the vaulted FBI and Texas Rangers are cowering in a corner somewhere so that won’t have to step up.


    • Y Que! says:

      Ain’t gonna happen. El Paso is a small and insignificant city not worth the efforts or time from the feds. They have bigger and more important fish to fry. Our local feds under a democrat president are basically here to prosecute drug dealers. To them, we are the armpit of the country and the proof is how many federal laws are being violated by the local leaders and them looking the other way. However, woe to our local local government leaders if a Republican president is elected.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Why should she see herself as a public servant in the sense of caring for the needs of the public? She has been raking in public money for years (and will have a huge pension for life from the taxpayers even if she did not have her current publicly-financed positions), while completely ignoring the public interest and doing what her actual bosses tell her to do. And there appears to be no penalty for same.


  3. Jerry K says:

    Behind closed doors means what? Executive session? If it does, that might be grounds for legal action; if not forget it.


  4. I was not living here in 2004, when the decision was made to go from a strong Mayor to a “strong” City Manager form of local government. But, I did live here from 1970, until that year, and I did return in 2012. I have opposed this idea of a weak Mayor, and I think this lady did nothing for El Paso, but a lot for herself. We need to get the FBI involved in both the City and the County governments mismanaging of tax dollars, and we need a change in the City Charter to go back to a Strong Mayor (obviously, not the current milquetoast that we have).


  5. Overtaxed says:

    I definitely have some concern about someone who was involved in misrepresenting the true cost of the ballpark and Q of L bond issue being part of the oversight element of CAD. The last two years they have been overvaluing small business personal property renditions (basically refusing to accept lower values generated by depreciation of business property over time because small business owners typically won’t appeal). Last year I went through the appeal process and won, in part because the ARB members present were shocked about the pattern I pointed out. I don’t think having tax and spenders on the Board are good for small business.


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