EPISD Central Office Building

The Times reported the other day that the El Paso Independent School District is exploring options other than to build a new central office in northeast El Paso.

The previous board of managers agreed to pay an architectural firm over 1.4 million dollars to design a new building.  The construction costs that they were willing to talk about were about $40,000,000.

The old central office is on land that is rented from the city.  The article indicated that some of the school board trustees believe that they can extend the lease with the city.

It is good to see that the school board is slowing the project down and considering options instead of creating an artificial crisis like the city has been doing.

In the end we may learn that they do need a new building and that the northeast is the best one.  We can only hope that they will make a good decision for the right reasons.


2 Responses to EPISD Central Office Building

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Rumor on the street is that the district is looking to purchase the old UTEP Nursing School on Stanton. Hopefully it is not as asbestos filled and non-upgradable as the Blue Flame from a few years back.


    • Reality Checker says:

      No price is too great and no problem is too big if it helps downtown redevelopment. The top dawgs at EPISD want to be part of the in crowd. I believe Cabrera is already maintaining a downtown office.


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