New blogs

We are fortunate to have two more local blogs helping to point out the things that are occurring at our local governments:



We have added them to our “More Blogs” button at the top of the banner.

They both seem to have inside sources involved in local government.  They are both worth reading.

We should support them in the hard work it takes to dig into the facts.

This is better!


2 Responses to New blogs

  1. epkamikazi says:

    I went to check out the other sites but also got a chance to refresh myself with some of the blogs from the past… it’s apparent that things have gotten better… and by better I mean the City Manager and Council Member(s) aren’t conducting secret deals behind closed doors…

    I especially enjoys councils outrage towards Tommy G’s performance and street greed AFTER they gave him a what, 20% payraise, for eliminating city jobs that Joyce couldn’t quite reach!

    Oh, and, unfortunately there is no process in Lean 6 Sigma to eliminate corruption!


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