What’s taking so long?

How long will it be before the attorney the city hired to look into the financial advisor situation publishes his report?

We deserve better


6 Responses to What’s taking so long?

  1. Reality Checker says:

    You’ll see the report when it has been sufficiently edited to reflect council’s wishes and desired outcome. Then again, they might once again use “personnel matter” as an excuse to not share it publicly.


  2. Jerry K says:

    FSW was the financial advisor for the HFC that I ran 2003-2006. As we were an independent agency we could choose whatever advisor we wanted without CC approval, though there were several CC members on the HFC board. Nice people, too, on my watch there: Jan, Dan, Presi, Vivian, Alexandro, and Suzy.

    Basically, the choice of an advisor for the city is the CFO’s and CM’s job and I don’t see where CC needs to approve unless the PO exceeds $50K. The reason CC might want to intervene is political to promote their own favorite, like Romero seemed to do. Are there campaign donations involved like there were for the stadium? Nobody in city hall seemed to demand an investigation for that.

    Once an advisor is chosen, their point of contact is strictly the CFO and it would be suicide to end run the CFO or CM, both here and in other cities as word got around. FSW would have known that and just written off El Paso until the next time around.

    All that said, I cannot imagine what Gonzales was thinking by initiating the solicitation process on the instigation of one CC rep, unless there was dissatisfaction with FSW.


    • Reality Checker says:

      This is of your few positions that I disagree with. The financial advisor makes a lot more than 50k and there is too much total money involved involved in financings not to involve council. Might agree with city mgr having more decision making power if we hadn’t hired one who had a history of ethical lapses, but we also learned in the past that absolute power corrupts decision making.


    • Tina says:

      The Financial Advisor makes way more than $20 K. That, however, is not reflected in the PO or the RFP since the services are provided on an as needed basis.


  3. Follow up question: Do you believe that there is the slightest chance that it will point fingers at anybody?


    • ManintheMoon says:

      John G Dungan Sr
      Nope it will limit any responsible of the CC or CMs or any who are politically favorites right now. The truth will never be known until all these people are hauled kicking and screaming into court and are put under oath. They are to morally depleted and ethical challenged to tell the truth, to be honest and it ain’t going to happen. It El Paso!
      This attorney is being paid to scrub and wash this issue to cause as little damage as possible to the City.
      How about a class action law suit for damage for the tax payers from those involved in this non-sense.


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