National government

Are there areas where our national government currently exerts control  that should be returned to the states?


7 Responses to National government

  1. Teacher says:

    The Federal Government should leave education issues to the states and the states should give localities more control. The way it’s run now is ridiculous. Too many federal mandates prevent the teachers from teaching.


  2. Jerry K says:

    You could fire the Dept of Education and Dept of Energy (except for nuclear regulation). The first doesn’t teach a single student and the latter never produced a barrel of oil.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    I once asked a Tea Party / Evangelical ( I think that they are one in the same nowadays) that exact question. He gave me the same tired old “If it is not in the Constitution..blah blah blah. He was of the opinion that anything the feds do the states should just do on their own if they want to..
    So he was all for clean air…if the STATES wanted clean air.
    He was all for the Centers for disease control, off the states wanted it. Safe food? Only if the states wanted to do it themselves.

    By the end of the conversation, he pretty much had eliminated everything but the military.

    I look forward to living in a country with shitty air, dirty water, rampant disease, no education….unless the states want to do it themselves.

    Sounds kind of like North Korea to me…


  4. I know you’re just trying to stir things up around here, Brutus, but I don’t think this dog will hunt. One reason we have this question today is because too many state governments have been for too long ignoring important things like public safety (Clint, MI, water; West, Tx, fertilizer plant explosion) and maintenance of existing, crumbling infrastructure. Granting states even more autonomy is a recipe for more disasters, as the rich continue to squeeze out the middle class.


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