By popular demand

Did an old dog learn a new trick?

I finally learned how to enable a “like” button on the comments.



2 Responses to By popular demand

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    When I POST, like THIS. . . I do not have to sign in. . .
    But, if I use the “LIKE” button, I have to “go somewhere-and re-enter” all of my sign-in info.

    The “LIKE” button, if working on the same sign-in as this POST. . . would be helpful.

    Great idea the “LIKE” button.
    Would save a bunch of redundant conversation.
    And if something is already posted that I like or WAS going to post, I usually dont post anything.

    The “LIKE” button would give you and us an indicator of how popular a post is.

    Maybe we also need a “BUNCH of Phooey” button too.

    For those posts. . . that are SOOOOOOOOOOO far off in their thinking. But, then again, I’d probably get a bunch of those on my postings.
    . . . . so never mind on that.


  2. I tried to like that post, but found that I have to have a WordPress account in order to do so. I do not have such an account, and see no reason to open one.


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