Referring to the Monday, January 25, 2016 special city council meeting, Helen Marshall sent this in:

I made the mistake of attending today’s Council.  What a disaster. 

Here is some of the dialogue
“Who’s to blame that this pool hasn’t been constructed?  Who?”  spat out Representative Cortney Niland.  “Who’s to blame that this pool has not begun?” spat out Niland. (“espetó)
Tommy Gonzalez, city administrator, tried to defend himself but the councilor cut him off “It’s your fault!”
Carl Robinson, who had expressed being fed up with the comments against Gonzalez, considering them futile, asked for the floor to change the discussion when Niland tried to take charge of the discussion.  “Enough” he said, raising his hand as if to block her and continued talking as if she were not present….

8 Responses to Enough

  1. Rodney Fender says:

    Time to recall some. Time to vote some out next time. Time to get some Republicans and Independents in there to break this liberal Democratic monopoly throwing our tax dollars away!


    • Reality Checker says:

      It’s not a partisan problem because the owners of the Chihuahuas who got the free ballpark and the people behind all the downtown spending are Republicans.


      • It is also not a partisan problem because, contrary to your narrow view, El Paso politics are more in step with some strange and twisted good ol’ boys/girls ideals than any particular political party.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    At one point while being attacked, Gonzalez asked Niland if that was the time and place where she really wanted to have that conversation. Leeser finally stepped in to stop it, but even he lets Niland behave like a bully.

    The saddest and most telling part of it all is that Niland’s tantrum was triggered by her anger about a young girl thanking Gonzalez for his help with the pool.


    • Voter says:

      It’s time for the community to let Niland know she is a bully and an embarrassment to our city. Leesor is too weak to control his own city council.


  3. Niland is quite possibly the single most disruptive factor in a totally dysfunctional entity. We, the taxpayers, are saddled with no leadership at the City and County levels, and we continue to happily go along with their grandiose plans for over development involving luxuries instead of necessities, and the end result will be bankruptcy.

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  4. Verbal Murder Capital says:

    Don’t you just like it when people ask you a question and then answer it for you ?

    It appears that Robinson showed good judgement and did what the mayor failed to do. Take charge !

    A dysfunctional city and county at best. That sure is going to attract industry and families. Who in the heck is running the place ? Anyone ? Or is it a do as you please or is it fierce competition to hog the spotlight ?

    Helen, you did good !


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