More problems at the city

The special city council meeting the other day was a disgrace.

Any business thinking about relocating to El Paso would have second thoughts if they had witnessed it.

Most of the meeting consisted of city staff telling us that there past projections on projects were woefully wrong.  They simply will need more money to complete the projects.

Interspersed between items we saw various city representatives and citizens praising or condemning either the city manager or a city representative.

We even had a former city representative appear.  In her best speaking out of both sides of the mouth style she criticized our old “strong mayor” form of government and then criticized our city manager for doing the same things.

The end result of the meeting is that we will be spending a lot more money for the quality of life projects and what little street maintenance we are doing.

We deserve better



6 Responses to More problems at the city

  1. casual observer says:

    El Paso Times printed a story which indicates that hotel occupancy rates are not looking good this year. If so, hotel tax income is in jeopardy. That means the city might also come up short on money needed to pay the ballpark debt which is funded by the HOT tax.


  2. mamboman3 says:

    Lies? Incompetence? Under-estimates? Fudge-factoring? Not doing their homework? Probably all of these apply to some degree, but the bottom line is that contractors, builders, project managers, etc in this city know very well that city council will spend, spend, spend, and pay that exorbitant price because they like to keep their rich supporters in high cotton!


  3. OK, you got some of that right. But, Santa Fe was a major destination for reasons other than trade! It was a major seat of government for Spain, and later, Mexico. It was a colonial capital. So, people traveled there for a lot of reasons, other than trade. Besides, think about what you’re saying. What could possibly make Santa Fe, in the middle of thousands of miles of nowhere, a trade center? Manufacturing? I don’t think so. Transportation? No rivers and it is not a seaport. Government is the only reason it was founded.


  4. Homeowner777 says:

    Been thinking about this for weeks now. . . . .

    (Probably off topic here. . . but still in the Theme of El Paso leaders acting stupid . . . .)

    El Paso missed the boat several times, starting with not staying with the West Texas/ Southwest / Pueblo/ Native heritage themes.
    Building stupid looking homes with no design whatsoever, when they should have developed the Pueblo / Adobe-Santa Fe style and worked to change the name: Camino Real . . to . . ” the Santa Fe Trail.”

    (Yes, yes. . . just a few Pueblo style homes spotted among those horrible “just a roof with a garage designs”.)

    Downtown El Paso used to have Western buildings and old saloons but all torn down now. No more “Old El Paso”.

    Mexico/ Mexicans came thru here to buy and exchange goods and went to Santa Fe to do that.
    Where did the road lead ? . . . . to Santa Fe.

    A road to Santa Fe. . . IS . . . the Santa Fe Trail.
    (The other known Santa Fe Trail is from Kansas to Santa Fe.)

    Same thing. “To get to Santa Fe to trade goods.”

    Should be:
    “El Paso, Texas, the beginning of the Santa Fe Trail.”

    Can you imagine the trade, the commerce, the visitors to the area. . . catching a train in El Paso and going to Santa Fe?

    Completely open up this region for visitors and trade.

    There is a perfectly good railroad track that goes from El Paso, up to Old Mesita. . . thru Las Cruces. . . north thru the New Mexico badlands (that’s what I call it. . .) . . . . (Beautiful scenery and no towns. . . like forever. . . ) . . . up to Albuquerque and all the way to Santa Fe.

    The Albuquerque Roadrunner Express just needs to come down to El Paso. . . . . or something like that.

    OK, got THAT off of my mind.


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