City put 30 people out of work

David K. over at Refuse the Juice posted this the other day:

Explain this to me

Thirty people lost their jobs a week before Christmas to an out of town company that offered worse performance than the local incumbent.

We deserve better



2 Responses to City put 30 people out of work

  1. good governance oxymoron says:

    This happened in 2011 and was due to Susie Byrd asking the CM Wilson to replace the local vendor.

    DavidK was questioning the double standard re: the financial advisor stuff.

    He made an excellent point. It’s the same thing only IMHO worse.

    At least Romero posed his questions at a public financial board meeting with 3 other City Reps sitting on the board and NOT ONE of them including Niland who was also on the board ever objected to Romero’s public request. Funny how none of the others were questioned as to why they did not object to this going forward.

    There was another article in EP Inc this week re: a recent audit which discovered private driveways on Louisville being paved and new stairwells being built for homes with taxpayer money also during Byrd’s term in office.

    What the article failed to mention is both Byrd and her parents live on Louisville. However the “reporter” did let Byrd marginalize the auditor’s findings. No surprise there.

    EPT won’t touch the story because BM is friends with Byrd’s dad and has summarily refused to question much less report on Byrd’s bs and conflicts of interest.

    El Paso will never get rid of corruption until there is an honest media or at least one that does not run cover for a specific group.


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