Winter Gathering report

This came in from Jerry Kurtyka:

2 Responses to Winter Gathering report

  1. Traveler says:

    Sounds great. Most people vacationing or visiting cities for a few days love the area immensely. Then the longer you stay or visit more often you discover how things really are.

    Always remember, people make cities, not buildings.


  2. Interesting concepts. I can really identify with the tap vs. bottled water thing, but am surprised that it should be an issue up there. I grew up in Washington, finishing high school in Tacoma, and we did have the best tap water imaginable! I would never think of buying water up there. I don’t like the idea here, either, but that is because I just don’t see the logic when our tap water, if not flavorful, is at least safe to drink. As I recall Whidbey Island, it has always been more of a vacation/retirement location simply because it is an island, and commuting does involve riding the ferry, and time.


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