When something is important

A regular reader sent this in:


We deserve better


3 Responses to When something is important

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    I was just looking at the El Paso Streetcar map.
    Is that right? It will be using 2 sides of the Plaza?
    So the Plaza streets will have to be torn up, for streetcar tracks once they are finished?
    Is that right?
    And then covered with wires hanging everywhere for the Streetcar?


  2. I have been asking your main question ever since they started this stupid rebuild of the Plaza. Why in the world was it necessary to rebuild it? And, of course, now we have to ask, why in the world should it take so long, and be so complicated to rebuild a one block square park-like setting?


  3. Homeowner777 says:

    The LENGTH of time taken on this Plaza. . . . just shows that the public does NOT EVEN NEED it.

    That it is not EVEN Necessary, not really used for anything, other than “Look Nice” to tourists and transients.

    If the Public can do without it for years and years. . . maybe the Old Plaza was just fine. . . since they dont really NEED it at all and
    to rebuild it, remake it, at enormous cost was never needed.

    The buses dont NEED it any longer either and dont stop there.

    Since many people are unemployed in Juarez, it would not be hard to find stone workers and concrete builders ready to work in Juarez. And the Juarez Government probably hired relatives to do the work. That’s not surprising. That’s common for the area.
    (Only separated by a One Inch Thick Fence. . . .)
    (And what is business as usual for El Paso politics.)

    It will be years. . . before we find out if the Pope’s stage/ altar / has radioactive rebar in it or if the concrete contains contaminated sand. But, it’s built, and ready and will probably be used for other Juarez festivals and outdoor shows. Its a BIG STAGE.


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