Backing your people

At a recent city council meeting a senior member of city staff made a presentation related to funding the west side swimming pool.

Evidently they were about a quarter of a million dollars short in funding.  The staffer started to make suggestions about how the money could be obtained.

One suggestion was to issue certificates of obligation.  Council said no.

Another was to kill other projects, specifically some recreation fields.  The district eight representative seemed to go ballistic.  Council then piled on and raked the staffer over the coals.

The city manager rode in on his white horse and offered to use some of the $9 million that he had “saved” us last year.

City staff rightly feels that they are getting beaten up for problems that the city manager could solve.

I heard one of them say the other day that he neither trusted nor respected the city manager.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Backing your people

  1. Jerry K says:

    Gonzalez did not create the city’s fiscal crisis regarding the QoL but inherited it from the previous CM and, really the former CFO who spun the QoL estimates to be palatable to the voters, like the stadium spin.


  2. Fed Up says:

    He is in it for HIMSELF. Should never have been hired! Should NEVER have been given a $60K pay raise and SHOULD be fired. Guess city council won’t because then he might show all the dirty laundry. What a pitiful place to live and be governed like this. Where the heck are the voters to correct this???


  3. Homeowner777 says:

    Since there is no punishment for bad governing and since its illegal now to cane them in the public square (which is still under reconstruction) and we are not allowed to beat them on the front steps of City Hall . . . all we can do is “Fire Them” and they will just get another job.
    So, so what !
    Big deal. Another job.
    Oh, what punishment that is.

    WHY would anyone WANT to run for office in El Paso?


  4. Who's really Responsible? says:

    John, in fairness, he wasn’t the one pushing all the massive spending. Robinson was correct when he stated the streets in his district are horrible and some council members want to extend the trolley into Juarez ?

    Ultimately, the fault lies with the voters, many are drones, and nonvoters.

    Good luck with finding any candidate that is not self serving and strong enough to resist the wasteful spending agenda. There are several groups that attack, destroy, threaten and buy candidates.


    • Who’s really Responsible?: I did not say that I believe this CM is the one pushing all the massive spending. What I thought I was saying is that the massive spending is associated with the CM form of government.


  5. It sure looks like Council will not stand up and fire this latest bum until we are actually in bankruptcy. But, then, I imagine he will be long gone before that day, because he will know ahead of time. We need a referendum to dump this City Manager form of government and go back to a strong Mayor form. Anyone know where we could find a candidate to be a STRONG Mayor?


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