Character, service, education

Thomas Marshall, vice president of the United States wrote this in 1919:

“The future of the Republic depends upon the character of its citizenship.  We are not building permanently unless the youth of the land are made fully acquainted with the meaning of American citizenship.  We must give patriotism a vitality which will find expression in service.  We cannot make democracy safe for the world by writing treaties.  The spirit of democracy must be in the minds of the people, and this means that they must understand the basic principles of democratic government.


9 Responses to Character, service, education

  1. Juana says:

    Two years ago, Arizona added a requirement of Civics for HS graduation. This was, no doubt, because of the influence of Sandra Day O’Conner, an Arizonan. She has been appalled at the lack of Civics in schools and is on a campaign to change that. Democrats in the legislature raised all hell about it when it passed. I can’t recall their reasoning but one thing they claimed was discrimination!


  2. Lost Forever says:

    The values disappeared in the sixties and worsened in the last decade. One anything goes and the other is “me” and sense of entitlement.

    As much as people attack the Ozzie and Harriet generation, family was raised by parents not by idealogy and fad philosophy. Not a perfect concept but mostly effective. Today, everyone has rights but no responsibility.

    Who is raising your children, “the institutions” ! YOUR values are dismissed as antiquated. Progressive used to be communist, then socialist. The changes were to make the doctrine acceptable and good for everyone.

    So now have a society that doesn’t give a damn about anything and are enslaved by the “group” think doctrine. So in order to appear normal and not of yesterday, we must all think and believe alike. Then you are most certainly p.c.

    What most people don’t realize is that the drone enslavers that hate the establishment get to the top and become the very thing they convinced you to reject. Only controllers of a new type with special privileges because “they” know what’s best !


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    We have to make sure that the “meaning of American citizenship” is true for everyone, which we know demonstrably, it is not. Black youth being shot dead for no other reason than being a black youth, retirees who followed and played the game that lose their entire pension because of hedge fund managers gambling, billionaires that run for president that shout down anyone with a contradictory version of the story…that is what it means for many to be an American Citizen. The falshood of the “American Dream” has alienated a whole lot of people, because frankly, for many, it is not attainable.
    I think what we are seeing now is the culmination of decades of economic and civil inequity, in which rich white religious conservative males, who have been running the show and have defined the “meaning of American citizenship” to meet their own means are starting to lose power.
    The next few decades will be very interesting as we redefine the “meaning of American citizenship.”


  4. Jerry K says:

    The idea of what it means to be American has been under attack from the PC Nazis, i.e., cultural Marxism. It’s even worse in Europe now where it is considered racist to identify with your national heritage, e.g., being French or Swede.

    I have always believed that our 1782 national motto E Pluribus Unum expresses exactly what it means to be an American culturally.


    • Deputy Dawg says:

      The people that typically are not affected by racial hatered, sexual harassement, mysogony, religious bigotry are those that think policital correctness is stupid.


    • Deputy Dawg says:

      African American problems: I’m worried about anti-black racism. I’m worried about me or my loved ones being gunned down by the police or a trigger happy neighborhood watchman for no good reason and then being called a thug and blamed for my own murder bc of one picture I took years ago

      Muslim American problems: I’m worried about Islamophobia and being racially profiled, spied on by my own government, and automatically being treated like a terrorist and being religiously persecuted

      Mexican / Latinx American problems: I’m worried about xenophobia. And I’m worried about being blamed for every disease outbreak and being demonized in the media and having my relatives deported bc they got caught jay walking

      White people problems: I don’t get to say the n-word or wear blackface or tell racist jokes bc someone might call me racist. I can’t wear a bindi bc I have to worry about cultural appropriation. I can’t just say the first offensive thing that pops into my head bc now I also have to worry about political correctness. People are asking me to moderately modify my behavior and think of someone’s feelings other than my own. Life is so hard & unfair for white people. Boo hoo


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