Hospital making us sick

The financial audit is in for our county hospital’s 2015 fiscal year.

They lost $76.8 million which is far better than the $141.1 million they lost the year before.


Luckily for them our property taxes gave them $68.6 million for maintenance and operations during that period.  They also got $17.2 million for us in property taxes to be used to make debt service payments.

While the county hospital exists to help people get well, I think it is fair that these numbers make many of us sick.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Hospital making us sick

  1. ManintheMoon says:

    Here is part of the reason the cost are down is they have pushed people into the clinics where they can deny people treatment and test where that is not so easy when they are in the emergency room under the law. Yep bet some thought that UMC couldn’t do such a thing and could not turn sick people away it happens everyday.It is the dirty little secret that UMC and the CCC keep hidden and on the QT. This is why they opened up so many Clinics so they can turn more people away who need medical help. Have had several well informed friends that thought UMS could not use such practices but they can and do.


  2. Fed Up says:

    With Obama Care in place and having insurance mandatory it is time to stop taxpayer support or shut them down!!


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Fed Up
      Here is what we think should be done is for the CCC to put out a call for bids from the private sector hospitals and see if they could give the tax payers a better bang for their buck and close UMC. When there is competition you get better value for your dollar most time and a private sector business must perform or the contract goes to a competing business interest. UMC because it is tax payer funded has zero incentive to perform or to cost effectiveness.


  3. Idiot Alert says:

    So UMC loses tens of millions of dollars annually and Valenti and team still get big bonuses and he gets a multi-million dollar golden parachute. Escobar and the commissioners are idiots. I wonder what the total losses have been under Valenti’s management, especially when you add in the losses for the Children’s Hospital that he engineered.


  4. Every year UMC submits a budget and they and the County Commissioners decide if our property taxes are going to go up continue supporting the hospital. Where is the accountability? That money just leaves our pockets without the tax payers being able to say ANYTHING. Why do we allow the inefficiencies at UMC to continue and how much of our money is just being set on fire over there? The bond to build the clinics? Most of that bond was money that was used to upgrade UMC. Isn’t that what the ‘depreciation money’ that Veronica claims UMC sets aside for itself supposed to used for? Where did that money go?


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