Don’t miss the show Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 1 PM.

City council is holding another one of its special meetings.

The only item on the agenda is:

Discussion and action regarding ethics investigation conducted by Ross Fischer regarding actions of City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and Representative Larry Romero.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Showtime

  1. And through all of this, Bob Moore at the El Paso Times is patting himself on the back because he ‘exposed’ the Gonzalez and Romero issues. What about the bond? Why isn’t he going after Wilson about the bond information as hard as he hit Gonzalez and Romero?


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      KVIA reporter Maria Garcia was probably the one who exposed them first. I wish these reporters had degraded and humiliated Joyce Wilson in the same manner. Unfortunately, the El Paso Times and KVIA supported Joyce Wilson 100%.


  2. Jerry K says:

    Now we can see how the Salem witch hunts operated.


  3. Helen Marshall says:

    Hard to choose what news to read first. Joyce Wilson claims that she was asked by members of Council to delay the bond sale in 2013, but won’t say who, and all of them deny it. The “public information” officer of the city withheld documents that appear to disprove Gonzalez’s assertions that he knew no details about Romero’s changes to the street repairs list. The investigation of Romero continues, although he has not responded to any questions (but will keep drawing his pay and can attend meetings even though he has resigned..). The City Manager may not have reported all of his financial dealings/income sources.

    Just another day in the Sun City.

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  4. You may want to update your calendar app!

    Michael Bray EXIT West Realty El Paso, TX

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  5. Meanwhile, KVIA is reporting that he has been cleared in the other matter, having to do with the financial adviser BS. So, I expect they have figured out how to just sweep the entire thing under the carpet, and tomorrow we’ll be back to business as usual. Until the next time.

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    • Reality Checker says:

      Now the investigation is focusing on the fact that Gonzalez’s financial statements might not have included all of his income from outside consulting and gifts. They should expand that investigation to include his chief performance officer, the highly paid position he created for a friend who he brought with him from Irving. Her LinkedIn profile doesn’t even mention that she works for the City of El Paso. It only promotes her consulting business. She also has a website for her consulting business and it too makes no mention of her employment with the city. Both Gonzalez and Bartlett are paid handsomely, but both seem more focused on their other income streams than on their jobs with the city. Rumors also have it that neither of these individuals have actually relocated to El Paso. One would think that as much as we’re paying we could get someone who wants to live in El Paso and just do the one job they were hired to do.

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