Another attempt to get more people to vote

This came in from Xavier Miranda:
The upcoming election will impact a generation that has gone through 16 years of a crumbling public education system, as a result of the neoliberal reforms of No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top. Insurmountable student-debt, 40 hour work weeks that result in substandard wages, and costly healthcare—these are few of the dim prospects our kids now face.

Our legacy to them is bleak. We see it in our dysfunctional two-party political system. We see it in the local District Attorney’s race, as evident by cases that have not been pursued, such as the alleged assault of a city employee by a former elected representative; or the suspect actions involving the ballpark and mayoral elections, which cost taxpayers an additional $22 million; or the shooting deaths of members of our community by our police department.

Rather than accept the status quo, folks from various generations are converging to make a difference. We see communities join in opposing exploitative deals such as theTrans-Pacific Partnership; we see neighborhood groups stand against corporations that expose school children to toxins; we see marginalized groups take a stand on global atrocities against immigrants;

What we don’t see is our community coming out to vote. The fact that there are 403,000 registered voters in El Paso, yet only 6% come out to vote, is proof of an eroding democracy.  All the gerrymandering and voter suppression has been successful in disenfranchising communities. Our voice continues to go unheeded, but our direction comes from highly-compensated zealots who purport to uphold universal values, yet our foreclosures continue, guns become prominent in our state, our families are burdened by health costs, and our taxes are diverted to vanity projects.

Fortunately, there are individuals in our community that have assumed the responsibility of authentically voicing our concerns and our solutions. As with all matters political, we will not be able to find 100% agreement or compatibility, but given their journey to represent us, their nobility and sacrifice are eagerly welcomed.

A race of notable interest is the Texas State Board of Education, a non-paid office, that either can  preserve or dismantle the concepts of democracy and pubic education. Unfortunately, political, financial, and ideological interests have established a stronghold in our state, which has resulted inTexas rating poorly on many education levels. 

Typically our group is focused on issues, one of which has been education. Given that, it is requested that you consider Georgina Perez, an educator and social justice advocate, to represent El Paso on the Texas State Board of Education. Her path is lined with authentic advocacy and tangible results. Her message resonates within our community, as evident by the diverse support of school board members, union officials, and supportive elected officials. 

Voting started on February 16, culminating with Super Tuesday on March 1. Voting information and polling sites can be accessed at this link:

Please encourage family and friends to educate themselves on the issues and candidates, then bring them out to vote, please.

As the Texas elections have changed, information regarding the election process and subsequent county conventions will be forthcoming.

Xavier Miranda
El Paso Grassroots

14 Responses to Another attempt to get more people to vote

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    If the people of El Paso do not vote, in mass, it may also be because they feel they do not know anything about the issues so they just back off.
    If they feel ignorant about a subject, they may not want to get involved. Or. . . the way Spanish to English interpretation is: Is not always A=A. Double negatives, male and female names for non-living things, etc.
    Many voters got fooled a few elections back. . . because the wording was a double negative.

    Others think, that, the more you vote, the more you will be on more LISTS at the City, and you will be called more for Jury Duty.
    ( Who wants THAT? )

    Others don’t want to be involved because they feel someone will come to their house and question them. . . and there are illegal relatives (No passport, no Visa, no working permit from Mexico) living with them.

    LOTS of reasons for people not to vote.


  2. Xavier Miranda says:

    It’s not out of the realm, to expect our representatives to understand our unique culture and bond; and to honor those. We were afforded that opportunity, why can’t the new generation be extended the same? Their experience shouldn’t be oppressive—on any level.

    Just my two pesos.

    Xavier Miranda


  3. Dice are fixed says:

    Unfortunately there is no two system in El Paso. The only party is Democrats, Republicans exist in name only.

    That’s part of the problem, there is no one to keep an eye on the politicians. With two parties, they keep an eye on each other.

    People usually say they don’t vote because nothing changes. So why waste the time.


    • Reality Checker says:

      I’m really tired of hearing people here complain that El Paso is controlled by the Democrats and that it is a one party city. The Democrats might create a perception that they are in charge because they hold office, but they are mere puppets whose strings are being pulled by wealthy Republicans like Hunt, Foster, and friends.


      • Dice says:

        My comments are based on facts. Reality is based on speculation.


        • Reality Checker says:

          It’s a fact that city council committed tens of millions of tax dollars to build a ballpark for the benefit of a for-profit business owned by two of the state’s biggest Republican donors and that taxpayers are also now subsidizing the cost of game day operations. It’s also a fact that those same individuals and their Republican friends helped finance the campaigns of members of city council who made sure that public only got to vote on how the ballpark debt would be funded, not whether the ballpark would be built.


  4. Haiduc says:

    If God wanted us to vote,
    he would have
    given us candidates.


  5. Fed Up says:

    Voting in liberal, Democratic El Paso is a waste of time. Most of the welfare, illegals and general dead beats only vote when there is an opportunity to get more free stuff. Try electing some Republicans, some independents and those that want the tax payers to stop supporting these liberal agendas like UMC, Children’s, new ball parks and wind turbines on I10.


  6. Jerry K says:

    This is the only place I have lived where most people don’t care about their city or what is being done to it.


  7. It is incredibly frustrating that people in El Paso don’t vote but then complain about what is happening in their City! Why can’t they make the connection that elected officials do whatever they want because they KNOW that nobody in El Paso is going to call them on it?


  8. Call It What It Is says:

    I agree that “gerrymandering and voter suppression” are issues in some areas, but let’s be honest: those are not the reasons for low voter turnout in El Paso. The real reason for low local turnout is that people are irresponsible and don’t give a damn.

    Voter participation rates are exponentially higher in other cities. If we have an eroding democracy in El Paso, it is directly related to our values. People here care more about sports, shopping, eating and drinking, than about voting.

    Voting is free; not voting has a very high cost.


  9. Y Que! says:

    “…support of school board members, union officials, and supportive elected officials.” Hmm. Not really the type of ringing endorsements I would brag about. Seriously?


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