Retirement account

The Tuesday, February 22, 2016 city council agenda had a purchasing item on it that is both bad business and bad public policy.

The airport wants to have a software program designed for it to help with managing its various contracts.

The airport and purchasing departments are recommending the award of a five year contract with two five year extensions.  Fifteen years is a long time.

Also significant is that no local companies even bothered to bid.  We have good software firms here in town but it looks like they know better than to do business with the city.

We deserve better


One Response to Retirement account

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    Sounds like the City does not really “NEED” it if they have been this long without it.
    If other Cities already HAVE it, and use something like it, then the program is already available and they do NOT need for it to be “designed” by a software company.
    A single use program for ONE city would be expensive.
    Like: I want a car. . . so, I’ll hire a designer to design and BUILD me a car, . . . . rather than just GO OUT and LOOK at the cars that are ALREADY available.

    What does / did/ the City use before this?
    A spiral notebook ? A 3 ring binder ?

    . . . . . A page by page, day by day “Planner” and just WRITE the contracts and notes in there?

    To MAKE a program work, there would have to be several versions that go thru testing and revisions are made. . . over a period of time and trial runs could take months or years.
    This is just stupid.
    And then all of the assistants would have to LEARN HOW to enter everything into the program, which COULD FAIL and then they have no record of what they are doing.


    And if the “Program” is connected, online, so that it could be accessed by different departments online. . . then there is the potential for other contractors to break in-to or access the same files and undermine future contracts.



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