Lips Moving…Whose are Lying?

Helen Marshall sent this in:

Ms. Wilson asserts loudly that she never ever refused to cooperate with the city’s investigator, and any statements to that effect are malicious and the investigation moreover was deliberately orchestrated to discredit certain people, “specifically me.”  Boo Hoo!!!!

Meantime, while I am perfectly willing to consider the possibility that Ms Wilson is lying, I do have to wonder: when she stated in a 2013 email to the city attorney that “several members raised concerns,”  did anyone investigate that at the time, or did it take an ethics investigator from outside El Paso to raise questions about it? 

All the 2013 council members deny having raised any concerns.  And of course the Downtown Development Corporation, AKA City Council, did not keep any records, being, ya know, a corporation and all that.  The editorial comment by the Times today says that as the bond issue was delayed at the time of the May election, but then approved just before the run-off mayoral election, the delay must not have been for electoral reasons.  But then, for what?  

While Wilson and her former colleagues kick and punch each other, there goes our HOT money on much higher rates than might have been the case.  The Times downplays the importance of this, as it is Hotel-Motel tax money, not property tax money, ignoring that the funds going to pay higher interest rates could have been used for other projects to benefit the community.  

At the end of the editorial is a statement that Wilson “has a long, distinguished record of service to this community.”

I’m having a senior moment.  What are they talking about?  Help me out here!

3 Responses to Lips Moving…Whose are Lying?

  1. Fed Up says:

    Why is this woman still employed in ANY capacity in El Paso?


  2. Let's play Hot Potato says:

    Incredible, this has been ongoing question for a couple of years. Yet she needs to review her notes to remember a $20 million decision and the ever controversial stadium ? She can’t remember the conversations ? The notes need to be studied to delay and frame a carefully prepared statement that states nothing.

    Oh well, she is just getting deeper and deeper. Come clean now and let the chips fall. Reveal the identities ! How wide spread was this action ? Did it go beyond council chambers ?

    On the hand, why haven’t the suspected council members or former members stepped up to clear their names ? Why walk around knowing people suspect you ? Ortega and a couple of others refuted any connection. Cook denied any conversation with her about the bonds. Very odd. Even more puzzling, why wait for a final report to state if you participated in the decision or you’re innocent ? That’s very odd.

    Why did the DA wait so long to refer the case to the State ? Polls? Or because he will have clean hands by letting the State investigate and potentially prosecute.

    If there isn’t a conspiracy, then why doesn’t anyone want to step forward ? Maybe the FBI should take a look at a RICO case. That could cause a stampede to make a deal. Oh yeah why haven’t the two hospital board members been indicted ? They openly admitted to committing fraud ! They didn’t say it was an error, they admitted that false information was submitted to qualify for Fed money.


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