Windy days

This came in from a regular reader:



From: City News

Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2016 11:18 AM

Subject: NEWS RELEASE – Collection Tips for Windy Days


Media friends,


Please help us share these tips with the public throughout the months of March and April.




Tips to keep your bins from

blowing over or away on windy days


El Paso, Texas – Keep your recycling and trash bins from blowing over or away on windy days by following these simple tips from the City’s Environmental Services Department:


  • Wait until your next regularly scheduled pick-up day to place your blue recycling bin out for collection. Materials placed inside recycling bins are not bagged, which makes it easy for them to scatter all over the street if strong winds tip over the bins.
  • Avoid putting recycling bins out to the curb, if the bins are not full.
  • If possible, keep garbage and recycling bins secure until pick-up.
  • Haul trash and recycling bins away from the curb as soon as they are emptied to keep them from being blown onto the roadways.
  • If your bins are missing on windy days, try locating them in your neighborhood before reporting them missing. Strong winds often blow bins down the street, especially on streets with slopes.

Garbage placed in gray bins is not likely to blow away on windy days if knocked out of the container because garbage should always be bagged.

For more tips contact the City of El Paso Environmental Services Department at 3-1-1.




2 Responses to Windy days

  1. Y Que! says:

    Seriously, this is what was on your list of our important issues?


  2. Jerry K says:

    I am on the crest of my street’s slope and get the maximum gusts. I lost one completely a few years back. I called the city and said it’s probably in Mexico, which they thought was pretty funny.

    If it’s going to be real windy, just don’t put them out. As for waiting until pick-up, well they come by about 5AM and that is too early for me. Life isn’t perfect.


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