Is El Paso moving republican?

How many of the people who voted in the democrat primary the other day were really republicans who chose to vote as democrats?

In the race for sheriff 39,682 people voted in the democrat primary.  The republicans had 19,548 voters.  Were 10 thousand of the 39 thousand really republicans?

If so the numbers would have been 29,682 democrat voters and 29,548 republican voters.


9 Responses to Is El Paso moving republican?

  1. Fed Up says:

    I am an independent and I voted Democrat so I could vote against a majority of the incumbent Democratic mafia that exists here in El Paso. Why do we not get what we should from the state of Texas? Because Texas is RED and El Paso is BLUE. We need to stop the liberal. socialist freebies here!


    • Reality Checker says:

      I agree with your vote against some incumbents, but ……

      By “liberal, socialist freebies,” do you mean the ballpark that we built for two wealthy Republican families who profess to be conservative and are among the biggest contributors to political campaigns and PACs created to sell projects like the ballpark and downtown redevelopment?

      Maybe you don’t have a problem with tax giveaways as long as they are going to Republicans. If I am wrong, then you have to acknowledge that people in power in both parties are screwing us.


      • brownfield says:


        100 percent spot on. Great post


      • Juana says:

        I can’t believe that you’re still complaining about the ballpark when, for example, UMC costs the taxpayers more year after year after year. The social programs do add up, you know.


        • Reality Checker says:

          We’re also continuing to subsidize the operations of the ballpark each year, not just pay the debt on the construction cost. We paid nearly a million dollars out of the general fund to subsidize the first year. The city has not been forthcoming about how much the subsidy was for the second year.

          Social welfare does add up, you know.

          As someone once said, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.


        • Reality Checker says:

          Corporate welfare also adds up.


  2. Louie says:

    I think those who really know the current Sheriff and his “Do as I say, not as I do” leadership style, crossed the political line at the ballot box to show support of the republican candidate.


  3. Euclid says:

    I don’t get the basis for this question or the reasoning behind this theory and numbers. The wording is confusing. But I agree with Deputy Dawg. The bottom line is “no”.


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    There is an old saying,that if a question is asked in a title or headline, the answer is always “no”


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