Bumps in our roads

I had to go shopping the other day and noticed something about the parking lot pavement in the shopping centers.

The four centers that I drove though did not have potholes, deteriorating asphalt, or bumpy surfaces.

Contrast that with our city streets.

It looks like the private sector is doing a better job of managing their contractors and the quality of their work.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Bumps in our roads

  1. Y Que! says:

    Wow Brutus. You are losing your touch. Parking lots see a lot less traffic, less heavy vehicles, less speed, less braking, less angles of surface, all leading to less deterioration of the asphalt.


    • Brutus was likely pointing out that privately owned companies do indeed regularly repave, repaint, and otherwise keep up the condition and appearance of large parking lots across town. This has nothing to do with traffic, but everything do do with the benefits of routine and regular maintenance, something our streets lack. Our streets have been too long neglected, and now somebody has to pay the price of that neglect.

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  2. Truth says:

    Always looking another city. Let’s try just looking at what needs to be done here. Fix the damn streets and stop spending money on legacy building projects under the guise of tourism. They damn well none of those wasteful projects will make the difference.

    Don’t waste your time talking with first district. He’s arrogant and no clue.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    Age of the parking lot you were driving on? Does the parking lot have the same traffic, same types of vehicles? I understand your irritation and the point of the post, but you might be comparing apples to oranges here. A heavily trafficked thoroughfare like MEsa or Lee Trevino even fairly recently repaved would never compare to a shopping center parking lot which has smaller levels of traffic and lighter vehicles. El Paso uses its roads as storm water drainage for instance, something shoppping center parking lots are not. A better comparison, as some have pointed out, is to compare similar roads in similar cities. I recently came back from San Antonio, and the streets in even their “touristy” areas are in need of repair.


  4. Homeowner777 says:

    The infrastructure of streets, and actually a lot of highways and bridges are all. . . . mostly over 50 years old. . . so a LOT of them are all breaking down at about the same time and the city has not put away any kind of fund for this so it will all deteriorate now,

    There are a LOT of Tucson streets that are cracked and patched also.

    They can’t address the problem as NO ONE, no city council set up a fund for this. They will have to borrow the money and pay interest on it. They have FAILED.

    They have essentially ignored a Balloon Payment and now they can’t handle the street replacement problem.

    But since they have now borrowed money for everything else . . and are paying interest on IT. . . they cant afford more interest.

    The Property Taxes we have paid have just been going toward candy and donuts with extra sprinkles and now. . . the city cant afford a meal.

    The city does not have many assets and have given away their own building and land for a baseball stadium to SOMEONE ELSE for the next 25-30 years.

    AND. . . and paying interest on THAT also.

    Cheaply patching is their only option. . . . forever.
    Only those with the Secret Handshake and a Wink. . . can get their street. . . or Alley paved.

    Soon they will have to spray the streets for weeds as they grow up thru the cracks in the street.

    Just awaiting for Will Smith and his dog to show up in this post-apocalyptic city.

    Why do I say “Post-Apocalyptic”?
    Because it is after the raging sun has destroyed the infrastructure.
    Sure, it can be right away after a Nuclear War or Giant Flood or Giant Earthquake. . . but THIS was done slowly. . . by the SUN and heat and time. Same thing.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    I tried to raise questions about this in the District One election but neither candidate really wanted to talk about it….I’d like to know how much is spent on streets in Tucson or Albuquerque, similar size cities and similar climates, and what condition their streets are in. Is there simply incompetence here or is it corruption?


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