2015 Middle School Rankings

Children At Risk ranked our middle schools according to the chart below for 2015.

2015-Texas-Middle-School-Rankings El Paso

There were 1,802 schools ranked across the state.


2 Responses to 2015 Middle School Rankings

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Interesting that the Board of Directors of that organization, that comments on education does not have a single educator. Brutus, I wonder if organizations that rank hospitals have no doctors on their boards or ones that rank police departments have no former policemen in them?


    Actually, if nothing else, that yearly survey reinforces the notion that money does indeed make a difference. THe highest ranked schools, in general, are in the highest Socio economic areas of the sate.


    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Or it could be parental involvement. The higher the socioeconomic level (and concomitant education level of the parents) the more likely parents are going to be interacting with the school to drive successful outcomes. Kids need parental support to do well in school. If they come home to a house where parents or a parent doesn’t care whether or not they do their homework or get good grades, many will simply do as little as they can. Parental involvement is why many countries eat our lunch academically. In countries with less per capita wealth, you’ll see parental involvement even at lower socioeconomic levels, because school is considered the gateway to opportunities.


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