Required by the Times

I have decided to subscribe to the print edition of the Times.

Going to their page, I get to a page that ostensibly will allow me to select the level of service that I want.

When I click on the “Select” button the screen refreshes but does not allow me to enter any information.

I decided to use their “web chat” feature.  Below is the transcript of what occurred:

New party (‘incapable’) has joined the session
Welcome to chat!
All agents are currently assisting other customers, please wait for the next available agent.
New party (‘Brittani’) has joined the session
Hello Incapable, my name is Brittani. Thank you for being a valued subscriber and reaching out to customer service today. I’m glad I got your chat. How may I assist you today?
I am trying to subscribe to the newspaper through your web page. When I pick the “Select” button the screen refreshes. How do I proceed?
I apologize for this issues you are having signing up through our website.
If you can not get the page to process you will be required to contact us via phone at 800-351-1677 M-F 8am to 7pm.
Chat agents do not have the ability to process payment information to start a new account. This is for the privacy and security of our customers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
thank you
You’re welcome. Thank you for contacting The El Paso Times! Have a great day.


I think not.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Required by the Times

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    El Paso Times subscription services were moved out of El Paso and to either Geogia or Arizona. And they wonder why no one wants newspapers anymore..


  2. Homeowner777 says:

    The Chat person didnt give you a clickable link either. . . so that you could go around the nonsense and get to a Buy-it Page.

    (If I were running this. . . there would be several alternative simple buying pages on different servers to accommodate customers/ orders/ and go around any issues/ servers down/ out-of-order or power problems.) This cost basically . . .NOTHING extra to do this.

    Here they had a Live Fish on the line and they let it get away.
    You realize that MOST of the newspaper subscribers are older people and hearing loss goes with that and THOSE/ ANYONE really, with hearing loss are not comfortable with ordering over the phone.
    ( Or.; . . just can’t with severe hearing loss.)

    The El Paso Times is not complying with the Disabilities Act, allowing disabled / hearing impaired people to buy the same services as those without hearing disability.

    Many of the returning Veterans . . .HAVE Hearing Loss now.
    The El Paso Times needs a phone call from the Texas Attorney General’s Office !

    (The Hearing Impaired and totally Deaf. . . buy 90% of their stuff online, so they wont have to deal with salesmen that talk too fast. )
    The read everything, so PRINTED newspapers are right up their alley. . . . . .

    The Internet is a Godsend for the Hearing Impaired.
    Ordering everything. Chat rooms. Blogs. ebay. etsy. All made for the Hearing Impaired and . . . the rest of you never know that many of the people on the blogs and chat rooms . . . are deaf.

    Deaf people also sell online. Most have business that are Online-Internet/ Email based and chances are. . . that every one of you have ordered from deaf people and never knew it.

    Many Veterans are Hearing Impaired or soon will be. . .
    as shell shock, explosions are unplanned and the Vet. is not wearing ear protection. Hearing Loss can take 10-15 years to get to the point of being so bad. . . they withdraw from society.

    Hearing Loss is accumulative so an explosion now may take 10 years for the Hearing Loss to set in. This is/will be another expense for returning veterans that should be included in the budget for helping Vets.

    The El Paso TImes needs a phone call from the Texas Attorney General’s Office.


  3. anonymous says:

    The problems you encountered are God’s way of telling you not to subscribe.


  4. Eastsider says:

    After missing the article on “Miners Struck Gold” I also decided to upgrade my subscription. I went from paying $11 a month for online only to paying $18 a month for online and everyday delivery of the print edition. I encountered no problems during my transaction. I received my printed edition the very next day.


    • Brutus says:

      Still waiting for mine. I used snail-mail.



      • Eastsider says:

        You might be waiting for a while. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from El Paso Times around noon asking if I had received the printed edition. Given it was an automated call but it was still a nice customer service gesture.


  5. Emma says:

    I have had correspondence with the Times — both on-line and via phone. There service is no worse — no, it is not as bad — as other companies I am forced to deal with. Customer service died. (Don’t ever, ever try Magic Jack’s on-line help!) With the exception of Nordstrom’s, take a tranquilizer before going to on-line chat.


  6. mamboman3 says:

    Ever since they moved to Los Angeles, customer service sucks. I was getting outrageous bills even after sending in my monthly payments. Finally reached somebody who told me Los Angeles wasn’t getting the payments that I was still sending to local address and it took almost a month before the payments were forwarded to Los Angeles. Finally I realized I had to change the address I was sending payments to.


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