Working hard to eliminate transparency

I guess that I should not be surprised.

I wanted to see what our former city manager was up to so I went to the Borderplex Workforce Solutions web site.

Navigating to the screen that offers board meeting agendas, this is what I got:


That’s it.  No meetings were listed.  No links were offered to read about meetings.  Nothing.  Nada.

We deserve better



5 Responses to Working hard to eliminate transparency

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    Why R U surprised???!!!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Both her and Tommy need a good old fashioned run out of town on a rail


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    Yep the workforce has pretty much killed all of the youth job programs and summer job programs for far west Texas and has became a black hole for the tax payer dollars to keep some special interest in the life style they believe they should be a accustom too. Also a play ground for a few favorite good buddies El Paso and far west Texas elites so they can say they sit on a board.
    Here is the question to ask the El Paso work force is how much federal dollars and state dollars do they receive each year and how much actually makes it to the people who needs jobs and training in the communities of far west Texas
    You will play hell getting an honest answer to that one. Our just ask how much in total are they given by government each year and when you compare that to the actual workforce outcomes in our far west Texas communities you will end up asking yourself were did the money go.
    The big workforce scam has been going on for a couple of decades. Wilson is just one more in a long line of users and abusers to inhabit the El Paso workforce leadership. I dire any of you to go and try to get an answer and proof to back up what the workforce claims..
    Here is another one to look at the federal dollars given to Texas Workforce and how that money just magically evaporates before it even makes it to the local workforce believe you will be amazed.
    After the magical evaporate of workforce dollars before it reaches the people it was legislate to help you can understand why there is no a lot of job development by the workforce and it’s leadership and board.


  4. Update says:

    Actually, there is currently an April 7 agenda posting for the Disability Subcommittee meeting. Agendas for most governments generally are posted 72 hours ahead of the meeting, though sometimes they’re posted a bit earlier.


  5. I thought you already knew. Her current position was her reward from local powers-that-be. Who knows what for, but she is collecting whatever salary that position pays on top of her inflated pension from the suckers of El Paso.


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