Repurposing a school

A recent letter from Dori Fenenbock (president of EPISD board) contained the following:

The central office must relocate and it is more cost effective to own our own facility so that we don’t find ourselves in this situation again. We are considering various options, including the repurposing of an existing school. This will be funded, as it is currently, from operational funds not from a potential bond.

It seems that our elected board of trustees is working harder to find solutions than the former appointed board of managers.


9 Responses to Repurposing a school

  1. Haiduc says:

    I hear the contractors doing the Plaza may be available this year…
    just saying


  2. sirwill says:

    stick it is one of the schools they shut down.


  3. Homeowner777 says:

    A couple years ago . . . I checked into renting the conference center at the EPISD building.
    ! ! ! DOUBLE the price of all of the hotels in the area ! ! !
    (for the same amount of space and time)
    and. . . get this. . . NOT AVAILABLE on Sunday !
    So, a 2 day-weekend conference like goes on all over the USA cannot be held there.
    How stupid.
    They didn’t BOTHER to compare rates of comparable facilities in the area and dont know HOW to use the facilities on a Sunday.
    They REALLY need to go back to school.

    Lame lame lame lame lame lame lame !


  4. Homeowner777 says:

    Many schools also have a auditorium and stage which COULD BE rented out for public performances. Most all school auditoriums sit empty and do absolutely nothing after 3:30pm.
    Complete waste of resources.
    So, in repurposing an older non-used school there are many rooms and auditorium that could be rented out to the public.

    And. . . don’t knock down the Planetarium.
    Or . . . if the EPISD doesn’t own the land there. . . How stupid is this?
    Building a Planetarium on land you don’t own.
    How stupid. How God Awful stupid.
    And they get a BIG RED “F” on their efforts !
    Scribbled REAL BIG . . . . on every piece of paper they own.

    If they rebuild it, it should be on land they own !
    (Actually . . . WE OWN.)
    The Taxpayers !


  5. Jerry K says:

    Maybe they could re-purpose a DTEP building? After all, we have spent zilllions on DTEP and it wouldn’t hurt to have the EPISD bureaucrats there to hype business. Centrally-located, too.

    Foster would probably donate the old gas building to EPISD.


  6. Deputy Dawg says:

    As long as they reolocate and keep the Planetarium open I am okay with plans like this. I would hate to see another science related kid friendly venue in town closed in the name of saving money. Every kid in town has been through the planetarium, many multiple times, and it is a unique gem in the desert. No other school district has something like this.

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