Still no Times

The situation with my Times subscription is getting even harder to believe.

We published Required by the Times back on March 29, 2016 and wrote about how my attempt to subscribe to the Times electronically failed and then my attempt to get help through their chat service failed.  Ultimately snail mail was used to send in a subscription form.

As of today the paper has not been delivered so I decided to start over.

Their web page subscription form took my information and then just hung.

I called the 800 number and listened to my options.  The machine indicated that the call would be transferred.  Instead it hung up on me.

We deserve better.


9 Responses to Still no Times

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Dear El Diario..please make an English version…Love, El Paso


  2. Y Que! says:

    How did Einstein define insanity?


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Maybe they are kicking you out of the system because they know you are Brutus, watchdog for and guard dog for downtrodden taxpayers.


  4. Haiduc says:

    Dear Brutus,
    If you unsubscribe from the EP Times you will get a call ASAP.


  5. Baffled by BS says:

    Since you don’t get the newspaper, here’s today’s load of BS about the $6 million downtown plaza which will re-open 4/16. All the hooplah seems anti-climactic.

    “I am just delighted to be here today to talk about the grand reopening of the ultramodern, state of the art, metropolitan, you can’t put enough description on this fantastic urban space,” said city Rep. Cortney Niland, who represents the Downtown area. “El Pasoans were superpassionate about what they wanted to see. They were passionate about restoring the ‘Los Lagartos’ statue. They were passionate about the historic path that had been there for hundreds of years.”

    “They were passionate about activities. They wanted huacha courts. They wanted pingpong tables. They wanted chess tables. They wanted a splash pad for kids. They were emphatic about what they wanted, and I will tell you that they spared no expense on making sure El Pasoans got what they wanted.”


    Yep, they spared no expense. Oops, on second thought, we got pingpong tables and chess tables, but no bathrooms. But they’re still over budget by 50%.

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  6. Jerry K says:

    I used to get robo-calls from them and couldn’t stop it, so I called their marketing department and complained and they took me off the robo-list. I wasn’t even a subscriber.


  7. JC East says:

    Be careful once you becomes subscriber. The El Paso Times caused a couple of fights between my wife and I already. How you would ask.

    Simply because for some stupid reason they decided to send me emails at 3 am on a Friday morning and again on Saturday morning.

    Picture the conversation. My phone goes off at 3 am. My wife says to me who is calling you on a Friday night/Saturday morning at 3am. “Oh It’s just the El Paso Times baby” I tell her. Her respond “Are you sure it’s not Jake from State Farm.”

    They send out these emails everyday at 3am without fail. During the week I’m so dead I don’t hear them. It’s getting to the point where I have to put my phone on silent every night due to that darn email at 3 am from El Paso Times. If a real emergency arose at work or in the family I wouldn’t know because my phone is on silent every night to avoid the dreaded 3am email from El Paso Times.


  8. Chaparral Tumbleweed says:

    There is a Times dispenser at the stand alone Burger King on Ft Bliss that still has April 7th edition inside. Can you believe it??????? I can.


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