Trying harder


We got a follow up from someone after he spoke with the folks at Sun Metro about the new west side bus routes that we wrote about in Feeding Brio.

Evidently Sun Metro is receiving grants to pay for their  attempt to reduce the number of vehicles that travel on I-10.

It looks like they may have screwed their heads on right this time.

The buses will be smaller ones, not the big cruisers that we see on main streets.

Instead of fixed bus stops the will offer “flag service”–go to the nearest intersection and hail the bus when it approaches.

Service is expected to begin mid May.


7 Responses to Trying harder

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    Other than the illegal maids. . . and a very few from lower income homes. . . I just don’t see the “West Siders” being caught dead . . . on a city bus.
    They have had their “Noses in the Air” for so long.
    Maybe a survey WAS/ WOULD BE in order. . .to SEE if there was a demand for a 2nd or 3rd or now. . . 4th type of city bus or vehicle to carry them around?
    And plus the TROLLEY. . . soon.
    Regular Buses, Brio Buses, Mini Buses, Handicap Buses, Trolley. Maybe the City Counsel could just go pick up people at their houses, if they call them?
    That’s it. . . FREE Taxis for everyone on the West Side !
    They can leave their BMW’s at home !

    I’ve noticed that the street traffic is different on the West Side,
    than the rest of town.
    Panicky, pushy, New Yorkers/ Northeasters . . . it seems.


    • Reality Checker says:

      You seem a little crankier than usual today. For you to berate all people who live on the west side is reverse snobbery. Are you sure you’re not from New York? The number of deadly accidents on the east side is evidence that there are just as many panicky, pushy people on the east side as on the west side and probably more.


      • Homeowner777 says:

        There are a LOT MORE people on the East Side so therefore. . . more accidents. (But, I was never talking about the quantity of vehicular accidents.)
        I used to have a house and a business building on the West Side, I know what they are like. I talk to them. I used to do business with West Siders every week.
        Sold them hundreds of thousands of dollars of stuff.
        I’ve rented property to scores of West Siders.

        Many days I travel all sections of town. . . and I can immediately tell the difference. But West Siders have had their Noses in the Air since . . . as far back as I can remember as a child.

        That’s why giving them all these extra buses seems like a waste.


  2. Juana says:

    I am definitely going to try it. One of those routes comes within a couple of blocks of my house. I hope we can pay the bus driver and don’t have to go buy a pass somewhere….


    • Get Real says:

      Sure, pay the bus driver in cash like the visitors to Ascarte paid the parking lot attendants, who then pocketed the money.


  3. Throw more water says:

    Good questions. Now if council would wake up and realize that the trolley is not about tourists, transportation or “free money”. It’s about feeding an ego o


  4. Just Saying says:

    Is this just for the I-10 construction period?

    Imagine an El Paso without federal and state grant money and without government jobs.


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