Being unappreciated

Maybe I’ve been insensitive.

Our former city manager responded via letter to the mayor’s inquiry.  In it she wrote:

“I basically sacrificed my career for the ballpark project because I bore the brunt of the intense political fallout associated with it.”

Good grief!

Her statement shows numerous flaws in her character and thinking.

Let’s start with these:

If there was intense political fallout it was because the public did not approve of what she did.

Her career is not over.  She has a nice cushy job paid for with the public dime.

She has shown no remorse over what she did to us, in fact she has been openly defiant of attempts to find out what happened.

She claims to have sacrificed her career over an unnecessary expenditure when our city wants for many necessities.

We are told that she is paid $142,000 per year in her new job and receives another $60,000 per year as a city retiree.  She might also be receiving social security retirement benefits.

Meriam-Webster define sacrifice this way:  “the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone”.  I guess most of us would agree with her when explained this way.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Being unappreciated

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shades of Hillary Clinton – poor girls. Put them both in JAIL


  2. Anonymous says:

    Abd she had the nerve to calk us “crazies. “


  3. Smoking Gun says:

    Sacrifice? Wilson acts as though she was fired when in fact she had already announced her plans to move on or to retire at the end of her contract. She also started interviewing for positions elsewhere before the end of her El Paso contract.

    She has forgotten what she said in the summer of 2013. She said that she might want to stay on as city manager depending on the results of the mayoral election, which we know meant an Ortega win. So maybe she delayed the bond sale in an effort to influence the election for her own personal benefit because she wanted to stay on as part of an Ortega administration.


  4. ManintheMoon says:

    Had an average citizen of El Paso tried to manipulate an election and cost the city of El Paso the amount of money Wilson did you can bet that the District Attorney Esparza would be trying to bring charges with back up of a heavy investigation by local law enforcement. The out cry from elected officials would be echoing of the Franklin mountains.
    So why the double standard,special treatment and hell out right open rewards for Wilson criminal behavior? Also when are the ones who allowed it, help cover it up and rewarded her be held accountable too?
    If the people of El Paso allow this to go unchallenged you will regret it in the not to distant future.
    Also some one should be looking at security exchange violation in this action where withholding the sell of bonds was used to defraud the tax payer of El Paso.


  5. Jerry K says:

    There is too much power in one person in the CM form of government and the CC/mayor doesn’t know how to work with or manage it. So it runs away from them. A CM can probably work in cities where the council isn’t torn apart by the racial and class animosities as it is here and people are more interested in doing business than in their personal dramas.

    But that’s El Paso.


  6. What he said (ManintheMoon)! Wilson needs to be run out of town, ASAP.


  7. ManintheMoon says:

    We raise our hand to be sacrificed in the fashion Wilson was. If that is a sacrifice than in Wilson’s case it sets a whole new standard meaning for the word.
    Let call it what it really is Bull Shit!
    Wilson used her office unlawfully to feather her own nest and to unlawfully, by use of her office, to attempt to manipulate the out come of an election. She a criminal, should be prosecuted and then sued to try and recover the loss, of what most likely will be nearly 30 million dollars when all said and done, to the tax payer of the city of El Paso.
    Also shame on all elected officials who do not hold her accountable.


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