Sunland Park eastbound exit

Unfortunately we have yet another traffic hazard now because of the various construction projects.

The I-10 exit lanes eastbound at Sunland Park have been reduced to one lane.

The result is that traffic stopped at the signal at Sunland Park and the exit ramp now frequently backs into the right hand lane of I-10.

Then traffic on the freeway flows into a line of stopped vehicles.  Brakes are slammed on.

If you are approaching the Sunland Park exit of I-10 heading east find a way to get into the left lanes.

We deserve better



One Response to Sunland Park eastbound exit

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    I particularly like how whenever there is a traffic hazard like that, those expensive TXDOT signs do nothing. Or they flash some warning about Buckling Up. They could say “Backup at Sunland Park Exit” but NOOOOOO. They say “3056 People dead on Texs Roads” Makes me wonder if there are actual real people looking at al those traffic cams.

    Your tax dollars not at work.


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