Dodging the question again

Why did it take a full month for our former city manager to come up with her statement that the delay in the sale of the ball park bonds that cost us $27 million was her decision?

Not responsive

And why is it that when she finally did respond to the city’s request that she did not answer the questions that were asked?

From her letter:

“I understand that City Council has asked that I explain and elaborate on the events leading to the delay in the issuance of the ballpark bonds and identify the council members involved in the decision.  Mayor Leeser has specifically asked me to name the several council members who raised concerns about the timing of this activity [the bond sale] in relation to the upcoming election, specifically because of the ongoing controversy regarding the project.”

She then goes on to write about several aspects of the project but never names the council members.

This person is still a public employee at an agency where our mayor and county judge sit as board members.  The fact that she is still employed tells us a lot about the truth.

We deserve better


13 Responses to Dodging the question again

  1. Ponce de Leon Spinks says:

    What ? IMHO It’s pretty obvious to me Mountain Star and the council members they own asked for the delay hoping Ortega would win so they could get some more corporate welfare down the road on other projects. I bet if someone really looked they would see this same group helped Wilson land this other job and board memberships. IMHO If Leeser helped at all it was get her ass gone as quickly as he could and get someone new.


  2. mamboman3 says:

    Saint Joyce didn’t sacrifice anything and she’s not so saintly because she lies, lies, lies. Took her a month because she had to come up with a good strategy in dealing with Fisher’s revelations that point to her and those that raised questions. Her real sacrifice is in saying it was her decision and only her decision to delay the bond deal soooo she won’t have to name the others’ names. My question is why with all the open records requests and the Fisher inquiry weren’t there any smoking gun emails from the “concerned” council members. And for all the vote, vote nuts out there….we do vote, we have voted and it’s not the voters’ fault; it’s individuals who are corrupted usually by money and power in this city. The city charter and the city lawyers don’t help either.


    • BGT says:

      I think Wilson did not name the council members because there weren’t any to name. For months, she has tried to blame in on some unnamed council members. But when she was pushed, she could not maintain the lie. She badly wanted Ortega to win because she believed Leesor would get her fired, which he did not. Instead, he kept her on and then to get rid of her, put her in the workforce position. maybe she did “sacrifice” her reputation.but she did so of her own volition. No one pushed her.


  3. ManinMoon says:

    Vote Every Time
    We do not live inside the city of El Paso. Then again since your such a cheerleader in getting it done how about growing a spine and act yourself instead of expecting others to do what you should do yourself and about a few tens of thousand others like you. Yep seems to be the problem that to few wish to put themselves on the line, and get their hands dirty in fixing the issue. Yep understand let someone else do it for you.


  4. Fed Up says:

    Liars and thieves – but we elected them and do nothing to get them out – so who is stupid


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    So which council members “raised concerns” about the timing of the sale?

    Meantime, let’s not be mean to Joyce! She tells us that she “basically sacrificed my career for the ballpark project because I bore the brunt of the intense political fallout associated with it.” BOO HOO!!! My heart breaks for her!!!


    • Reality Checker says:

      So now she wants to proclaim herself a martyr or saint. Saint Joyce, patron saint of chihuahuas. She didn’t sacrifice her career. She immediately parachuted into another high salary government job while still drawing her city manager salary, something that also required a special exception by city council. Could it be that she was given her current job because of the connections of the people she helped with the ballpark? She will contiue to be rewarded and taken care of as long as she protects the people who asked her to hold off on issuing the ballpark debt.

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  6. Jerry K says:

    You can get the state AG to weigh in on the side of Open Records as they take a very liberal view of Open Records. I don’t think you can get much other law enforcement to apply here from the State because they think El Paso is a joke and should solve its own problems, unless its problems are costing the State money which the ball park bond issue is not.


  7. ManintheMoon says:

    There needs to be a group of citizens, individually,to file criminal complaints against Wilson to force the hand of our D.A.. If after that the D.A. doesn’t act file ethics complaints against him at the county and state level and the Texas bar.
    Yep seems no one has the guts to step up to the plate and to do what needs to be done with Wilson and or D.A.. Crying and whining isn’t gong to fix the problem and if you are waiting on your elected officials to act hell will freeze over before that happens.


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