Pay to play

I wrote this post the other day and had it scheduled for publishing:


The Times ran a front page article the other day telling us about the home season opener at the ball park.

I suppose that promoting the team is a good idea.

I wonder though why I don’t recall seeing a front page article promoting the Miner’s new season.

On second thought I don’t need to wonder why.

We deserve better



Then the day after the original article the Times took more than half of their front page to tell us about the arrival habits of the fans.

They also ran an editorial that was an advertisement for the new food items available at the ball park.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Pay to play

  1. I still have not gone to this ball park, and I doubt that I ever will. If one were to believe the El Paso Times, one would think that everything is just hunky dory in beautiful DTEP, what with this dazzling ball park, the brand new version of what used to be a Central Plaza, but now is hyped as a “park” (I guess you have to imagine just what neighborhood is being served by said park), and all the revitalization going on. Meanwhile, there are fewer bars and restaurants up the hill, because the rents are too high, and the people just don’t seem to be coming in droves. What few restaurants and bars are still open downtown are barely surviving. And, just how many people have moved in lately?


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    As always..follow who is Bob Moore’s real boss…and then see how often he gets into the VIP section of the stadium. Why eat hot dawgs with the little people when you can be sucking on roast beef with the big wigs.


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