Open but not for use


Well San Jacinto Plaza finally reopened.

Aren’t we lucky that our city representative promised to keep an eye on the project?  With her able supervision the project only took two and a quarter years.  I can’t imagine how long we would have had to wait if she had not been overseeing the project for us.

Not really open

I’m told that the upcoming two day Neon Desert Music Festival will not be allowed to use the Plaza.

I don’t know the reason but suspect it has something to do with the fact that there are no restrooms in the Plaza after the remodeling.  They probably don’t want the kids relieving themselves on the alligator.

We deserve better



5 Responses to Open but not for use

  1. no name says:

    The new over-priced plaza is mediocre, at best. It doesn’t have any character, mainly consists of paving stones — or concrete made to look like paving stones. It reminds me of central plazas in Atlanta and San Diego. It is an improvement, I guess, but not one worth 2+ years and how ever much it cost. But, then, we will probably not be told the actual costs because it would make city engineering and Niland and Leesor into liars.


  2. Facts says:

    Actually 12,000 people showed up Saturday for the opening and the festival will be used, probably for more of an area for respite rather than a place for a stage and rock band.


  3. JerryK says:

    I missed the opening. We’re there bus loads of tourists from Van Horn and Sierra Blanca? You know, like Cortney said there would be.

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  4. Why would a music festival want to use a public plaza for its events? The plaza never was a venue. It was a transportation hub, first and forever (until the City decided to move the bus stops away from that area, anyway). Besides, isn’t Cleveland Square where this particular festival started, in the first place?


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