School spending per student

I received the link below from Tim Holt and asked him if I could attribute it to him.

His response:


But be sure to point out that I think ALL the school districts in El Paso county spend below the state and the national average per student.
(Food to think about when people complain we waste money…when in reality we simply dont have ht money to spend.)
The link:

2 Responses to School spending per student

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    All the more reason not to spend or waste $$$ that should be spent on students

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  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    We need to keep this map in mind when the Tea Party controlled legislature wants to effectively take money away from public schools with school vouchers and “choice” (which is another way of say privatitazation.) That would lead to even less funding per student. The state has not increased it’s per student allotment of dollars per student in over 2 decades, so school districts are using the same funding formulas and same amount per student that they were back in the 1990’s ha e to make up the differences in a number of ways. After they reach their maximum tax amount, the only other way to raise funds is to raise taxes or cut things, be it programs or employees. Yes, we could fire every single central office employee as some say over and over, but that would not make much of a difference in the overall spending per child.

    And before you say that the any El Paso area district spends “too much” consider this: at roughly $9400 per student per year (EPISD example) , that is about $52 per day per student, or about $6.50 per hour per student. YISD and the others are not too much off from that amount.

    Food for thought.


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