Really Influential

Congratulations Dr. Natalacio!


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  1. Vote every time says:

    Just think how this community would improve if (1) UTEP established entrance requirements.” A rising tide floats all boats.” and the high school kids might try harder to learn something. (2) If UTEP were truly a community partner, providing the city with qualified potential employees and collaborating, taking leadership on community projects. They do NOTHING to involve the community.

    UTEP — what a waste of money and potential talent. Natalicio should be fired.


  2. Victor says:

    Considering the resources of the University, Natalicio has done very little in the way of community involvement. We have tried on many occasions to get the school’s support and participation for various cultural, historical and environmental community projects, We’ve been turned down time after time and always without reason.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      We get what you are saying. UTEP was given a all sky camera for recording fireball meteors in support of the North American fireball meteor network.It never became operational. Even NASA supports and works with the network.Also NMSU runs cameras. We were asked by the man who footed the bill for the camera to see if we could get UTEP to start running it. We agreed to set the camera up with all the equipment and to address the computer issue UTEP couldn’t seem to fix to record the data at no cost to UTEP on our part. Nope after a back and forth UTEP did not want to run it because no one was paying them to do so. No one professionally or otherwise has ever got paid to run the system. Once the system is set up it automatically captures the events and can even be set up to download the data ,video files and other data to a internet node at NMSU for use by all in the science community or UTEP could have set up their own site. Last we heard the system sits gathering dust at UTEP if it has not been thrown in the trash.This the level of ignorance that Natalicio and her staff are well known for and we know of other such examples.Then again we are not being PC in pointing such issues out with Natalicio administration at UTEP.


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    If any one takes the Time’s 100 seriously you have some serious critical thinking issues yourself.
    As for Natalacio she has conned El Paso for years and you people keep falling for it. Natalacio is a perfect example of what is most wrong with El Paso, make it look and sound good on the outside is all that counts it doesn’t have to function or even meet what has been promised or does out comes really matter.
    We listened to Natalacio in a presentation on how she was going to make UTEP a tier one University more than a decade ago well we are still waiting and will still be waiting when she either passes or retires.
    The level of open sexism again males students by same of Natalacio staff is and has been glaring over the years and no matter how others have tried to point this out it gets brushed aside but had this be a male leadership heading UTEP doing the same the cry of wrong doing would echo off the Franklin Mountain from all corners of El Paso. Oh this is just one major issue with Natalacio’s administration of UTEP.
    Yep this is just one more example of why El Paso will remain a third rate city and your most educated, brightest and best go other places. Sorry to say it but the people of El Paso deserves the crap it gets for falling for just one more B.S. feel good propaganda piece from some in the left leaning media.
    Yep suck it up and be delusional El Paso seems to work for this community!
    We get it the truth hurt so let the crying,outrage and wringing of hands begin. 1,2,3………


    • Not a Fan says:

      Your reply really annoys me. First of all, “you people” is bound to raise a lot of hackles up. Second, I don’t know that the citizens of El Paso have much of a choice as to who is president of UTEP.
      I for one, have advocated for years that Natalicio establish an entrance requirement. UTEP’s claim to fame is how many Hispanics are in the student body. Considering El Paso is over 80% Hispanic, and the University has no admission requirement, and the Federal Gov is paying the bill thru grants, getting a lot of Mexican Americans to enroll is not exactly rocket science.
      Please do not assume that everyone thinks Natalicio is a miracle woman and that you’re the only one smart enough to figure it out.


      • ManintheMoon says:

        Not a Fan
        What annoys us is the PC non-sense that goes on in El Paso. Good so you are offended,more need to be offended over such B.S., just maybe then more will stand up who are offended, grow a spine and speak out against such non-sense. Oh and our point was to offend and we are an equal opportunity offender. Geeeez!


      • JerryK says:

        Having an entrance requirement of a HS diploma and a pulse doesn’t exactly enhance the value of an undergraduate degree from UTEP.


        • ManintheMoon says:

          UTEP mostly churns out cookie cutter liberal art degrees at a high cost and not worth much more than the paper they are written on then again the same effect could of been gained with a internet connection and a library card. Hey it’s a way for some in El Paso to be able to say they have a college degree even if it turns out to be worthless in the long run. Then the illusion and delusion never ceases with some of the vision of El Paso the diamond in the desert. ;0)


  4. desertratjim says:

    I was on campus yesterday for a memorial lecture in honor of one of my Master’s thesis committee members who recently passed away, and I marveled at the tremendous changes made by Dr. Natalicio over the years. The new Bioscience Research building is a real showplace, and apparently was built with grant money from the National Institute of Health. Dr. Natalicio, we are proud of all your accomplishments during your tenure at UTEP!


  5. JerryK says:

    Now, if she can only get her monks out of the monastery and engaged in the community. Their expertise and activism is needed in everything from economic development to urban design to information technology. You know, like in other cities that have a major university.


  6. Deputy Dawg says:

    Perhaps through this recognition, more people wil look at El Paso as a place of opportunity. Congratulations to her and to UTEP.


  7. mamboman3 says:

    Agreed! She has opened doors to a better life for a lot of people! A well deserved tribute by TIME!

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