EPISD maintenance study

A reader sent in this comment about the recent EPISD study:

TASBO is the company that did the study to fire 200 employees.

I can find no RFP or RFQ’s or what it cost to have this study done.

9 Responses to EPISD maintenance study

  1. Dan Wever says:

    It disappeared! J


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    If I had a full time maintenance dept I guarantee you my house would be in tip top shape and would not need major repair like Some of EPISD property an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

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  3. Deputy dawg says:

    Organizations or businesses that are part of the government state of Texas DIR or Buyboard or are part of a collaborative like a Regional service center do not have to go through the bid process. The state has in essence, already conducted the bid process and streamlines the process for all governmental agencies, TASB is probably part of one or more of those collaborative bids.

    Just because someone does not understand the process does not automatically mean it is nefarious.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Deputy dawg, It just seemed funny to me that the company used was one that the EPISD’s CFO was the Director and President of before coming to our district. Transparency?


    • Dan Wever says:

      Before every dollar is stolen or misused somebody had to think everything was on the up and up and safe from such acts. (Dan Wever)


      • Deputy Dawg says:

        My understandig is that most local district use TASB for their Salary Surveys. They have done this for years. Probably most districts in the State do so as well. This is not the first EPISD school board to hire TASB. Not sure if there was a salary survey done during your tenure Mr Wever, but if there was, I suspect that TASB was there if one was done.

        Many people found it “funny” that the EPISD school board president was married to the President of the Local Federation of Teachers when you were President of the Board, but you insisted that there was never a conflict of interest. Most toook your word for it. “Transparency?” You often said there was never any “pillow talk” about school district business. That could never be proven or disproven. We had to trust you were telling the truth.

        Again, you can look for evil when it is not there and can concoct all kinds of conspiracy theories. It is your time.


        • Dan Wever says:

          Deputy Dawg, It would help if we were on the same page. You are correct that TASB is used by most local school districts including the EPISD. However, for this study the Texas Association of School Business Officials or TASBO was used and this is the company that our CFO was a director and president of before coming to the EPISD.
          As for the pillow talk 14 years ago it was certainly present however, it has wained in past years to present and of course I have never had any charges brought against me in fact I had a hand in putting people in jail. 🙂


          • M.T. Cicero says:

            Thanks Dan, for your clarification. We appreciate your input.


          • Deputy Dawg says:

            If you have issues with Mr Martin’s character or the way the district purchases products, you should present at public forum during a board meeting. Then everyone can see it on the video which is archived.


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