Publicity campaign?

Something is brewing.

The Times printed a letter to the editor on Saturday, April 23, 2015 from our former mayor who now resides in Oregon.

The letter praised our former state senator saying “He stood almost alone in that fight against a large criminal ring”.

That may be true but the timing of the letter and the recent recognition that EPISD gave our former senator lead me to believe that something is about to happen.

Why after all of this time are we seeing this?  Could it be that something is about to happen?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Publicity campaign?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brutus, you were on to something here. Only a few days after this was released, the arrests were made.Why did Caballero know about it? Who else knew? Shapleigh,Byrd, Bob Moore? How is that not a form of corruption? Please look into this, you are on the right path to expose the truth.


  2. Dan Wever says:

    Maybe the FBI told the EPISD that their investigation is over and so the people tagged in the WEAVER report that should have been fired can rest easy and relax as they got away with the cheating and are still at the EPISD.


  3. maria says:

    are you talking about the column written by the editorial staff? I didn’t see anything from a former mayor….I’m confused.

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  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    Eliot Shapliegh High?


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