Privacy of what we read

For the record after many calls, attempted calls, and web sessions the Times is finally delivering a print copy to me.

I notice that the content on the electronic site is sometimes different from the print version.

Some of our readers will probably tell me that I am out of date for saying that I don’t like the idea of the Times selling information about what I read from the electronic version when I have paid for the content.

Contrary to what the so-called Patriot Act allows I don’t believe that any government has the right to know what I have been reading.

We deserve better


One Response to Privacy of what we read

  1. JC East says:

    I’ve had so many problems with my subscription the last few weeks that I am ready to cancel. I have the paper delivered to my house but my main source of reading is my iPhone. Since I subscribed I have been unable to read the stories. I call it the endless loop. I click on an article and it redirects to me a screen that says “your complimentary subscription has expired login or subscribe” so I log in with my email and password then I get sent to a screen that says “your account is now active start enjoying your subscription.” I’m sent back to the homepage I click on the article I want to read and I’m back at the screen that says “your subscription has expired”. After about 5-10 minutes of going back and forth between screens and I get fed up and pick up my paper from the front yard.

    I’ve called customer service about 12 times now. The solution that works the best is to delete my history and cache. Then I think to myself why am I paying $18 a month when I can just simply delete my history and cache and enjoy the times for free?

    After many many many calls they set up a member from IT to call me back. Here I am a two days later still waiting for IT to call me back. This is pathetic customer service for a paid subscription.

    It all started about a month ago when I upgraded from online only to both the printed version and online.


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