Venue change?

Can the recently indicted former EPISD officials receive a fair trial in El Paso in light of the heavy coverage by the local media?

Would they be better off with a change of venue?


6 Responses to Venue change?

  1. Helen Marshall says:

    A separate aspect of this..In the current New Yorker an article about the splashy federal prosecutor in New York indicates that defendants last year pled guilty in 97.6 percent of federal criminal cases. Defendants who plead guilty are essentially guaranteed lower sentences, and avoid the huge expenses of defense counsel. (And very likely they are keenly aware of the power of the press in convicting them before trial!) There was a 40 percent decline in the number of trials between 2009 and 2015. One federal judge is quoted as saying “We don’t try cases. We process guilty pleas.”

    We’ll see what happens here.


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    Rick Cabrerra should not open his mouth on anything dealing with EPISD. His brother is Our fearless know brilliant attorney Juan Cabrerra. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and thus is a huge conflict of interest. The reporting and comments coming out of KVIA have tainted the jury pool. The TIMES is as guilty.

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  3. Clarence says:

    If the jury is comprised of smart, honest, fair people who respect the process and the law and follow the instructions they are given by the court, the persons charged would receive a fair trial.

    Now answer your own question.


  4. I betcha most will take a deal long before any court dates are set. hopeless has obviously misread the “message” to which he/she refers, and maybe that has something to do with his/her misnomer.


  5. hopeless in El Paso says:

    Good question. The way law enforcement paraded them, in prison garb and handcuffed, made them look like ax murderers. Clearly the message is “don’t mess with the Department of Education or you too will be squashed like a bug.” I’m not defending the administrators but believe the feds are using too heavy a hand and are making an example of the administrators in an exaggerated way.

    This is certainly not the only school district in the country where administrators have tried to illegally improve test scores. The feds are sending a message here. And the message is to fear the Department of Education. Be afraid, be very afraid. Sounds funny but, the Department of Education is on its way to being hated as much as the IRS.

    Getting back to the original question of whether they can get a fair trial here. No, they can’t because visuals are powerful. Seeing educators/administrators paraded like serial killers in the media leaves a very biased picture in potential jurists’ minds.


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