Awkward Times

Our congratulations to Jim Tolbert, the newly elected city representative.

The Times again showed how their views differ from those of the public.


In a race with 8 candidates Mr. Tolbert took 59 percent of the votes.

The candidate that the Times endorsed received 15 percent.


Some are asking if the Times is relevant in our community.  They seem to be–the voters look at who the Times endorses and go the other way.

The Times, I ween, is on the wrong side of many issues.

We deserve better



6 Responses to Awkward Times

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Dear El Diario, please make an English language version.
    Love, El Paso


  2. Let’s face it. The so-called media has little to do with the field of endeavor once known as journalism. There is little effort to actually report factual news. There is too much concern with serving the needs of the few advertisers they have left. And, there is no sense of service to any community.


  3. mamboman3 says:

    Instead of being a shot in the arm the Times endorsement was a shot in the foot for CDA, as was CDA’s mailer which gave no information about CDA other than referencing that very Times endorsement. Some campaign consultants just don’t get it.


    • don't blame the campaign consultant says:

      If CDA couldn’t manage her campaign consultant, she didn’t deserve to win. You know she signed off the mailer, so you have to question her judgment, competency, and managerial aptitude. The other council members and city management would have steamrolled her.


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